Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding with the Princesses

One of my friends from work was married this past Saturday. I told Maggie she could go with me and Ruth insisted she join in as well. Ruth asked me for weeks "How much longer until the wedding?". She was so looking forward to going to this wedding. She didn't even know the bride or groom.
It was quite amusing for me to see her anticipation.

Here are Ruth and Maggie with the other two Princesses in attendence... Abby and Loganne.
Loganne shows off her toothless grin.
Abby's adorable face was also full of ice cream.

It was a dessert reception. We had more sugar available to ingest than possible. We were quickly ooohing and ahhhing over the deliciousness of it all. And then we moaned about how we should have shown some restraint. Not likely! :)
Here are a couple other girls from my work. Allison, Suzanne, Cameren & Judi.

Here's a fun sequence of pictures. Ruth and Maggie were enjoying a taste of the wedding cake together. We were actually trying to leave but couldn't go without tasting cake! They had ingested so much sugar in that hour the "I don't feel so good" whines quickly showed up.
This is what they looked like about 3 minutes after driving away from the church!


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Belle-ah said...

PRECIOUS!!! I found my way over from Judy's.

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