Saturday, July 08, 2006


I can't believe I haven't put anything on here since April! I do apologize to all those who ever come to read or see pictures. We have had a fun summer so far. We aren't planning on taking a vacation, although a trip to Pennsylvania is attempting to be squeezed in somewhere. Bennett starts school in 4 weeks so that's putting some pressure on too.
We have been swimming just once so far and to the spraygrounds just twice. It seems there's always SOMETHING to do. My never-ending mound of laundry, the constant pile of dishes (either clean or dirty, but always there), the toys strewn throughout the house. As one of our friends says... it's a blizzard, so stop shoveling! I try to make our days fun and catch up after they've gone to bed... which is about an hour each evening. It's not working! :) But at least we're having fun.
Ruth is finally potty trained as of May and Maggie is finally wearing panties to bed at night (thanks to several weeks with her cousin Briella). So our trips out for diapers have drastically been reduced. Ruth has SO grown up in the last few months, she's like a new child. She is now having conversations with whomever speaks to her. She plays well with the others too. Always playing Mommy/Baby. She is a constant source of laughter for me. Lydia is still scooting around like an army man, although in the last week she has discovered she can move up on her knees too. She will pull up to stand but won't take steps or walk. She'll learn soon enough but the front of all her outfits are filthy if she ever goes outside.
Back to Bennett... he starts school in a few very short weeks. He is very excited and is getting all his "stuff" ready. We found out his teacher will be Mrs. Chamberlain, a very young, second year teacher whom we have confidence in!! (I think) :) Would ANYONE be good enough for him? His brain is a sponge and he's filling it up. He can read his Dick and Jane books (if you pick the right story) and he can count to 100 (by 1's and 10's). It was funny to hear him understand that counting by 10's really IS faster. (Ruth tells me she can do it too... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,30,70, I did!)
Ok, the kids are all awaks and my thoughtful time is over. Maybe I can add more later but for now this will have to do!

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