Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Lunch Day with Lydia

Friday was family lunch day with Lydia's class. Her school lets a different class have a special lunch day each Friday. I was supposed to work and really wasn't looking forward to it because it just makes me sad to have to miss special days like that. Now that all 4 kids are in school I have spent a lot of time at the little girls' school helping in the library or just general loitering in the halls. :)
Grandma and Grandpa drove up for the lunch. Grammy and Papa came too. AND both parents. Lydia was a popular little girl this day. Ruth even got to go to lunch a little early so she could enjoy the grandfolks. The sad thing is I didn't have my camera at school. I hope to get the good pictures from her teacher. We had our family dinner group dinner that night at Rebecca's house. It seemed to be grandparent night with so many extra parents around. Mom and Dad stayed in town to eat with all our friends.  James' folks were there as well. Rebecca's Mom, although she didn't speak to any of us inside the house. I'm thinking, either she had lots to say to the men (who were also hiding on the porch) or she was scared of the houseful of kids.

Since we didn't take any of our own pictures for family day... I left a note the next morning requesting a picture of Lydia with Grandpa and Grandma. I had to leave for work bright and early and I knew I wouldn't get to see them before they went home. These are the pictures I got from the camera that night. Apparently, the camera was sent downstairs with little people and the pictures were taken by little people. 
They don't quite have the whole "frame the subject" concept.  I don't know which little people took the pictures... but I'm guessing it wasn't Lydia! :)

This was our "supermoon" this month. It was full Saturday night (although I think Saturday morning on my way to work was bigger and brighter). It was closer and brighter than recent years. I can't remember all the numbers... 20% closer, 13% brighter than the previous 50 years? I don't know. But  everyone was making a big deal out of the whole thing. Bennett's class has been using the whole "follow the moon" as a project. Each night he looks and then draws what he sees. It also makes the girls interested in what's going on since they like to be like him. :)
Ruth left Bennett a note under his pillow this week. "Hey Bennett. I love you. From Ruth" 
I told him to keep it because one day she won't be nice to him. And his reply... "then I can shove it in her face and remind her that she used to love me?"  Yeah. Shove it in her face! That'll work.
I have another picture I need to get from Corie and I'll add it here eventually!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Day in the Life...

We took the kids skating today between church and the Super Bowl party. We joined a couple other families we tend to hang out with often. The kids are getting good at staying upright, except Lydia. She just decided as we were leaving today that she was ready to skate. Next time. The parents have yet to put on skates. I can help them much more if I'm not curled up in the corner in pain from falling, again. I tried to get pictures of everyone but I missed Maggie and Amelia. They were spinning circles in the corner.

Elizabeth... she skates. She's TWO!

Half of Corie's head... 

Ruth - you just never know.

Glowing in the dark, but not skating!

At least that's the back of Maggie's head. Her token shot.

Sarah and Tamara (they rhyme)


Sure is tall these days.
I'm not sure where I was going with this post - except to show our skating pictures. Now it's um, well... March 20th?! I think this one got lost in my list of things to do.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

On the 4th day of Creation...

God created the sun, moon and stars.
We've been studying creation this month in Sunday school. This isn't my first time teaching it, or studying it, or hearing it. Yet - there's always something new to absorb.
Bennett had a project in school recently... the Moon Phases. I'm sure I've read them before, studied them, heard about them. Yet - there's always something new to absorb. He remembers much more than I can. The other night we looked at the moon as half-full. He explains it's a waxing crescent and it's getting bigger in this part of the cycle.
So, my creation question for all you theologians out there... on day 1 God separated the light from the dark. Was He the light? Where did the light come from? Because day 4 was when He created the sun, moon, and stars to make light to govern the day, light to govern the night, etc.

Today was Open House at Strong Rock Camp. We try to go each year. It's a fun day for the kids to get to play with the camp family, as well as participate in all the activities for free! Not that they understand the cost of camp... it's just a fun day. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Clear blue skies and 70+ temps. We enjoyed horse back rides, rock climbing, archery, riflery, and canoeing... oh, and snacks! I had 6 kids in tow (mine + 2 Himstedts) and I actually got to participate in the shooting of the guns and bows. My first time ever at camp! Woo Hoo!  I hit my targets. Nobody was as impressed as me but it was fun. Bennett scared a snake on one of the paths and they both ran/slithered. We saw several of our family friends. If you're reading this and have never visited Strong Rock Camp... we highly recommend it! It's worth the financial sacrifice for a week or two of summertime fun. Save, scrimp, and give up a coffee or dinner out - it's for the kids! :)

In spite of all the fun happenings around here we are still devastated by the news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We've let the kids watch some of the news videos and they are just as amazed as we are with the total destruction. Unreal. Unbelievable. And what do we do here? Eat our fill of gluttony and enjoy our climate controlled comfortable beds.
I pray we understand even a fraction of what they're going through today. I pray we suffer just a little. I pray our kids will desire to help, serve, and share.
Oh, to understand the God of the sun, moon and stars. And earthquakes. And tsunamis. Creation - and death.

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