Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Field Days x 4!

Field Day this year consisted of 4 different days of playing.  Fortunately, I had all those days off work without even planning it.  It was perfect.  Ruth's was Tuesday. Maggie's Wednesday. Lydia's Friday. And Bennett had a 2 day event Friday and Monday.  Once you're in middle school, the parents no longer volunteer to help, interact with students, or take fun action shots.  Because each child had their own day I was able to spend a lot of time with each one, even though I still volunteered to help run events and stations.  
Ruth was ready for the day!

Long Jumping with Ruth.

The Softball throw. This was as close as I could get to the lower field events since I was still running the Bean Bag BINGO!  You can't leave that unattended, the students could go wild!

Team Blue, Team Carney. This was the 6-man relay. Each runner made a full lap around the bus loop. It was a long lap, but they all did a great job and put forth their best effort. They weren't the fastest group, but they sure did run hard and fast.

Ruth receives the baton from Bailee P

Excellent Lap!!

Hard working Mommas... with Christy St Clair

Tug of War - this is one of my favorite events!  (Jenna, Lila, Ruth, Alyssa)

 Maggie's field day was much sunnier and warmer. I paid for not wearing sunscreen this day.  The kids were well slathered.
Maggie can hula forever.

Maggie's Long Jump - her friends look on

Lunch back in the room - and a time to cool off. 

Maggie was also part of her team's 6-man relay. They also got the blue jerseys.  Run Maggie, Run!

Lydia's Field day was a smidge cloudy and nice and cool. It made their water games a little chilly in the morning, but thankfully Lydia's class water games were at lunch time. They got all wet, then went inside to dry off for the rest of the day. Not a bad schedule. I did a lot of face painting, but I also got to watch and help with several of the fun games too.  This first one they had to dig though a bucket of flour and find as many pennies as possible. They loved it.

Flour Hands

Parachute Fun

Daddy even came for a little while

Lydia and Avery - friends since kindergarten. Sometimes, they could be twins. 

Clean the Pool game

Passing a sponge full of water to fill the bucket at the end of the line
Firefighter Cup - passing the water to the end

Lydia is determined to beat the boys!

Pouring for Katelyn

The girls won this round

Face Paint - finally happy with her lion/tiger/cat face
 Middle School competes in Olympics. They each have a different country they represent and send a few from each team for each activity. There was a lot of spectating - and this is all I got during the brief time I was there. I visited the middle school with my friend Dawn, who also has a 6th grader. She called her out of the stands and thoroughly embarrassed her while we were there. It totally made that hour worth while!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring 2013 Events

Some random Davidson events in the early months of 2013.... the whole 6 of us ran/walked with Challenged Child and Friends 5k.  We ran in support of Challenged Child as well as the Ellis family, who uses CCAF for their daughter.

Maggie and Carsen both placed in their respective age groups and won medals.

The Ellis Group, most of us.
 Maggie has been involved in 4H all year. It's part of the 5th grade curriculum or extras or something like that.  She had a presentation about firefighting and kept winning 1st place. Therefore, she would continue to present said presentation for the region as well... which she won.  Yeah!  When she was at region, it was held in Blairsville and Aunt Holley and Uncle Andy came to help the presentation and support her.  Maggie LOVED the fan club.

Rachel B, Maggie and Tristan G

We got a new little camera. These pictures are the first efforts from said camera. 
We took a camping trip to Vogel State Park. It was still pretty cold but too much fun to miss.

My little Muchkins
I believe this was Mother's Day. 
Bennett made a bridge - or at least started one. He'll continue working all summer.
The girls started making a bridge too.  I think this may be as far as they get all summer.  

Panorama of Vogel's Lake
 More camera shots on the way home - just trying to work out the camera goods. 

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