Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Family Reunion Memories - June 2011

 The good thing about visiting Ohio relatives is it gives us an opportunity to visit Indiana relatives as well. Grandma and Grandpa both came from this area of the country and there is a lot of history and many memories here.
Grandpa & Grandma Fleisch's old homestead

Bennett and Ruth waiting for the picture

the girls... smile patiently for the camera - in the Fleisch yard

The quiet road we played in... one single tractor passed us this entire time.


Playing in the road

The lone tractor that drove past us while we visited the Fleisch farm

the famous well pump... we watered Grandma's flowers from this pump when we were little kids.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Verna's home in Boston, IN... not quite the same, but the memories are there.

Grandma's school in Boston

The airfield

Grandma's Grandma's house... 

Grandma and Maggie going to find Aunt Tommae's headstone

Lydia didn't want to get out of the van, so she waited patiently for us to finish.

Grandpa shows Ruth another family headstone

The Army plaque for Grandpa Fleisch's headstone.

Where Bennett got his name! His Great-Great Grandparents. (The parents of Grandma Esther Fleisch)

Grandpa and Grandma Fleisch

Lydia decided she was tired of waiting - so she joined us.

The Bennett and Fleisch headstones

The Wallace Farm - Grandpa Phil and Grandma Ree

The porch seems different and much smaller now.

Fields of grain

The State Line - I'm in Indiana/ I'm in Ohio!

Back at the Fleisch Farm
Grandma and the farm
Back at the High School in Boston... not used today.
The Famous Clara's Restaurant
We always have to eat at least one meal at Clara's.  The have pizza and pasta type foods... and it was always better as a kid. But we have to continue the tradition with our own kids. They enjoyed the time and the food.

The Bus inside Clara's

the kids posed in the bus - since we didn't get to eat in there.

Grandma's tenderloin sandwich!

The family table - Bennett went up to the other level to take this for us
YUMMY Tenderloin!  There's no other like it.
Packing in to head back south
Kentucky State line... just getting started.

Our Picnic lunch in Berea, KY

we love warm days for eating on a blanket.
Strawberries for Lydia
Strawberries for Maggie

Water for Ruth.  
Bennett and his strawberries too.

The Ocoee River in Tennessee had already diverted the water for the day. The use it for power, but during the day they use it for white water rafting. On the way up we stopped to watch the kayakers manage the rapids, but today we were able to get close to the water and see all the spots usually hidden by rushing water. This ramp is where the rafters walk their rafts into the water.  The water would usually be over their heads.

Maggie was trying to hid from the camera... but I captured her!!

On the Ocoee River in Tennessee


Daddy explains to the kids how the water flows around the dam for energy, or over for the rafters.

Daddy and the kiddos

Tennessee state line... getting closer to home.
Princess Lydia - prancing up the ramp.

Almost Home!!

What a terrific trip. We drove a ton for a long weekend.... but we saw many places and family that we only see once a year.  Until next June!

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