Sunday, May 18, 2008

A New Creation... a sweet moment

If only we could freeze these moments. Tonight's moment was with Ruth and Bennett. We had stayed late at church for the "Ice Cream Social"... which is merely the AWANA leaders way of getting back at the parents by filling them with sugar at bedtime. After they had each had more than their share of frozen cream covered in sprinkles, chocolate and gummy bears we headed to the local grocery. We were out of milk so it was quite necessary for a peaceful breakfast in the morning. They were hungry. We saw friends. Lydia did not like my choice of buggies/carts (depending on what part of the country you live in). It took us a while. It was after 9 before we ever drove in the driveway. We have a new stray puppy (more on that later). They were still hungry. The sugar lingered. Toothpaste became very interesting to the almost 3 year old. Can't they just go to bed?? Well, conversation also lingered in the tent which houses the 4 year old pictured above and her very intelligent, almost omniscient 7 year old brother. Please be quiet and go to sleep, I pleaded from my spot in front of the blog. Then Ruth pipes up... why did Adam and Eve make us have to die? I realized this conversation needed to continue in the tent and not from the living room, so I got up. Apparently, Bennett had been educating her on the most important doctrinal issues in life. Now mind you, HE will not make an outward expression of faith, but he wants to make sure his sister is taken care of. Anyway, the conversation continued well past 10:30... but who the heck cares! It's eternal! She decided right then she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to be her Saviour. No beating around the bush with her. "I want to pray right now" she says. I told her how happy I was that we would spend eternity together (like she understands eternity) and she wanted to make sure her Grandpa and Grandma Fleisch would be there too! Oh to have the heart and faith of a child. Now, her father doubts her understanding of her sinful heart and needs to continue the conversation... "in the morning" she says. :)She knows she'll sleep well tonight! Praise God for one more little heart.


Linda and Ken said...

That is the sweetest story. I just love it.

Sherry Mom of 2, Wife of 1 said...


I'm so happy and excited that you've made your decision to follow Christ! I know your parents are thrilled too!


We just never know which one or when it will happen, just praise God that it does! I'm so happy for you guys!


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