Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas Wish Lists

Mostly just so I can remember these things...

The kids made lists this weekend.  Bennett and Maggie put great effort into presentation by typing theirs and adding pictures, clipart and actual item photos.  Lydia and Ruth were satisfied with a Post-it note.
Lists... as written.

- cash for a RC rock crawler
- Fenix E15 flashlight
- Fenix E25 flashlight
- Long sleeve Under Armour shirt size 12
- boots mens size 8
- Nike or Under Armour socks
- RipStick
- Running stuff
- BB or AirSoft Gun
- Sweatshirt

- American girl doll horse, wheelchair
- Inno tab 2 (at Walmart in the leap pad section)
- Basketball, cement, basketball goal
- Webkinz (a horse, underwater, or flying animal is preferable)
- Blue jeans (sometimes I have to where Ruth's blue jeans)
- Tech clothes
- play food (for our kitchen downstairs)
- ANY art supplies
- Board game (doesn't matter)
- (probably wont happen) camera or video camera
- Knee high socks (two or three pairs will do)
- a skirt or two

- Paint set
- Pine tree air freshener spray
- kichen in the basement for me
- own dog (puppy)
- fuzzy tall socks
- bennett's room

- a dese dasr (dizzy dancer)
- a bunny
- school ket
- go to Lego land

I love how they ask for such simple things like jeans and socks.  I love that they like to imagine in their play (kitchen, school). I'm thankful they didn't think they needed to list the iPad, iPod, iTouch, i anything.  Art supplies and board games!!  Maggie was very thoughtful in her requests (doesn't matter, two or three pairs will do, probably wont happen, is preferable). I asked Lydia about her list... she had numbered to 9 but could only think of 4. She struggled briefly over not being able to think of more things. She did say that the Lego Land was NOT the one in Atlanta (Discovery Center).  Ruth asked for air freshener. I still haven't figured that one out.
I love my kids and the entertainment they constantly bring into this home.

Friday, August 10, 2012

School Begins... again.

2012 - 2013 School year begins... 

I like them lined up against this part of the house because you can seen their growth differences.  It won't be long before the youngest has caught up with the other two. 

 The silly shot... 

 Ruth starts 3rd grade. She is now at the Intermediate School (3-5 this year) and has Mrs. Carney. That's the same teacher the other two had.  She should do well. She's back in the same class as many of her friends and we look forward to a good year.  She's excited!  She is in chorus with Maggie and we will enjoy going to more concerts and trips for that. Just no Disney this year.

 Lydia's 2nd grade year is with Mrs. Hill - the same as the other girls. We love Mrs. Hill! She will be a great challenge for Lydia, who needs to work really hard to catch up to 2nd grade standards. Lydia also has several really good friends in her classroom and will have a good year! With Lydia in 2nd grade... it brings our years at Jack P Nix to an end. This is the last year we'll have at this wonderful school with the best staff ever. It really is the best place for a hesitant parent to send their kids because they let you get involved and be there. I will miss JPN.  
Bennett starts Middle School... he is growing up into a young man. So, at the Middle school they kind of kick parents out and start the weaning process. I don't know any of his teachers. All the parent meetings were with "the Father!". He is taking core classes, band, and PE. In band, he will be learning percussion. I'm looking forward to that. Drums and bells in the house again.

Maggie is finishing up at the Intermediate school this year with Mrs. Orr and Mrs. Pickett (the same that Bennett had).  Maggie has developed into a very smart and involved young girl. She's making all A's most of the time and wants to do all the extra activities that are offered - morning announcements, yearbook, safety patrol, chorus, 4H... whatever they mention, she wants to do it.

 I liked this silly pose better. Bennett's yawn is real. Maggie was facing the camera.  You can see Lydia's face. Ruth is just always silly. :)

After school I met the bus to find very tired (and hot) girls. They really did have a great 1st day. Let's keep it up!

I couldn't get this one to rotate right - so just turn the book. Cute faces!!

waiting on Bennett's bus... it comes about 20-30 minutes after the girls'. Most days, he will not ride the bus. It is fully of nasty high schoolers. But, for the 1st day - it is much easier to not deal with the traffic and just let our drivers bring him home. 

We didn't want to embarrass him in front of the whole bus, but Ruth wanted to take some pictures of him getting off the bus.  It was not a good 1st ride - but it will get better. The girls who are mean the first day soon turn their words to say nice things about him.

all grown up... well, half way.
We are thankful for good teachers and a good school system we can trust with our 4 children.  As much as I would rather keep them home and teach them in the safety of our house, I know it's not going to happen.  I will be content with what we have and the good Christian people (teachers and friends) who are placed in their paths each day.  I am thankful.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Six Flags - the Annual Event

The kids all got their annual 6-Flags tickets for doing their reading during the winter months. We take them to the park each summer - once.  It's worth it for one day. We make a lot of fun memories. Bennett always wants to take along another male species to ride with and hang with. We try to take cousins. We try to take other families. This year it seems that none of that could work out, so we opted for a friend.  On our way south down the highway, we noticed we were behind another family we knew. I started texting the Mom, they were on their way to the hospital with the youngest for a minor procedure. Several texts later, we pulled over and took their son out of his misery (of sitting in the hospital all day). They just happened to have a 6-Flags ticket in their car. Crazy folks!  So... off we go.The Crew... Ethan Pickett, Maggie, Ruth, Lydia, Brendan Hill, & Bennett.

 The girls... and the boys.  It was a good group.  We did some things together - and then Curtis would take the boys to the "tall" rides and I would take the girls to the "short" rides... translated EASY!  

Starting off with our favorite... Wyle E Coyote Canyon Blaster. I'm not sure how many more years the boys will ride this one... but it's still perfect for the girls.

Hot lines! Sweaty faces.  But smiles... lots of smiles.

Lydia's ride on the Mind Bender.  She always seems so little when on a ride like this.... scares a Momma!

Maggie and Ruth sat in front of us... ready for the big hill.

A bit apprehensive.

The girls and I were in line to ride and another Dad was in line with his 2 girls.  One wanted to ride. One didn't. So, he just asked if his could ride with mine and wallah! a boat full.  It made a perfect fit.

The boys all riding together... Brendan, Ethan, Bennett.

All wet... a little.

Lunch time out in the parking lot. We packed a picnic and refreshed our bodies - (gave them a rest) and the kids changed into suits for getting wet.

Maggie and Lydia in their matching suits at Skull Island.

Ruth at Skull Island.

Monster Plantation... or really not Plantation anymore... now it's Monster Mansion. I keep forgetting. 

Cool air on a hot afternoon sure makes this ride especially nice.

Our sad goodbye, farewell moment.  The park closed early this night because it was the week before school started back.  Actually, we never got a good reason why it closed early - but it did.  It did allow us to get home at a decent hour, but the best time at the park is as the sun sets, the air cools, and the crowd thins.  The lines get quicker and the rides are more fun. Maybe next year!

nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, Goodbye.

Finally got a family shot courtesy of one of the boys.

On the way home, we stopped at Red Robin for dinner - real food, cold drinks, and fun.

the boys took the girls' side upside down.  I didn't rotate them.

Back at the park, the very first photo waiting on the tram.  I couldn't get the picture to move where I wanted it to go. So just imagine you saw this one first.

At the very top of the Mind Bender - more for the view since they really couldn't turn around well. We were really high. I can't imagine being on the other, higher, bigger, faster rides.  Whew!

Another successful trip to 6-Flags!  

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Camping - Bald Mountain

We went camping at Bald Mountain Campground, in Hiawassee, Georgia, with some families from church. It was a good weekend to camp, and I had been asking to go SOMEWHERE since I had the weekend off from work. That doesn't happen often anymore since I have to do so many Fridays and weekend days.
Another family had asked us to join their group, so we decided to go here. A first for us. It was just under an hour, but over the mountain. Reasonable. We threw in an extra kid for fun... (Carsen Baumgardner)
Lydia's RockStar move

The girls... Ruth, Lydia, Maggie, and Carsen Baumgardner

Bennett.... he DID have boys to play with after all

Master Jedi!
 Our campsite was right on this creek. A very cold creek. But a great swimming and  playing area nonetheless.  Our other camper friends caught on quickly and joined us in the water.
Ruth, Carsen (dead fish) and Maggie

Yes, Carsen requested I take this picture of her holding a dead fish

 We also took a few dips in the pool... which was almost as cold as the creek. The girls enjoyed hanging out here for a while and I tried to stay warm while supervising. The first day, it was cold. The second day, we enjoyed sitting by the pool. Go figure... June being too cold to enjoy the pool?!?!

Will and Wyatt Woody also joined in the water fun

Wyatt and Bennett - jumping off the stands

Super cold - but determined to enjoy it.

Ruth and Carsen - deep in "I will if you will" about jumping in the water

Wyatt Woody

Bennett jumps

Brave Ruth goes first for the girls


Carsen Baumgardner jumps too.

Our neighbor, an older couple, invited the kids to come roast marshmallows over their campfire.  He had 8 bags to get rid of - we just ate 2 each.  :)

Ruth and Carsen in the camper.
I'm pretty sure Carsen and Ruth talked until after midnight. I finally fell asleep at the other end of the camper, listening to their giggles.  THEN they were the first to wake up the next morning. I had them lay back down and be quiet (is was 6:30!) and we all fell back asleep for 2 more hours.

Maggie is curled up under all this.

Saturday morning cards and hot chocolate/apple cider.
The girls entertained themselves while I made breakfast. It was a cold morning. The forecast was to be 48 that night, but I'm not sure of actual temps. I do know the air was cold - but the sun was HOT. It didn't take long at all to warm everyone up.
Carsen and Maggie are ready for their pancakes and bacon

Bennett and the boys found a swimming hole.... and a "rapid" worth tubing

Wyatt Woody and Bennett

Ruth jumps while Maggie, Wyatt, Carsen, Nix and Bennett watch



The tubing tunnel - Carsen, Maggie, Ruth

the girls... jumping from the bridge

Putt-putt in the sun to dry off and warm up after cold creek time!

Zoe Burkett, Nelson Wilkinson, and Carsen

Ruth, Carsen, Zoe, Maggie, Lydia (the rock star) - warming up a  bit.

Pool time!

Trying to warm up with Daddy

Lydia and Zoe - dry, but dipping their hands in the water

Smiles from Zoe and Lydia... warming up on the concrete.

Frozen 7-Up makes for yummy refreshment

the boys took a hike up the creek looking for creatures

Nix & Jon Burkett and Bennett

Nix found a salamander...

and threatened to eat it.

Ruth wanted to hold him too.

Maggie - trying not to squish Mr. Salamander before his release

Maggie - tubing through

Savannah Greene and Carsen... with the Burketts looking on

Ruth tubing through.
Ruth - shivering between rides

Lydia finally jumped in too.

Bennett tries to pick up some speed

Nelson Wilkinson

Wyatt Woody

Kevin Woody drives by and shows off his truck. Nice ride!!

Showing us his American Ninja Warrior moves

Jay Burkett and his "tubing" efforts.

Bennett pours water on Ruth
Bennett found an old water jug which he felt the need to fill with creek water, stand on the bridge, and pour a waterfall on the girls as they tubed by.  Some girls enjoyed the added adventure, while others just increased their volume and tone of screams.  It made it more enjoyable for him with the latter.

Jay and Zoe - you WILL have fun! 
Carsen also wanted to take part in the pouring.

Carsen and Maggie tubing together

Curtis, Kevin Woody and Jay Burkett - deep discussions

Last Jump - Ruth

Last Jump - Maggie

Last Jump - Carsen

A bunch of the kids

add some adults

Our Camping Crew... Shannon and Jeremy Hummel, Nelson and Julie Wilkinson, Tanya Woody, Chris and Christy Marsingill, Burketts, Davidsons, and all the kids.

Love these eyes.
So, all in all - it was a great trip to Bald Mountain Campground.  Happy Camping!

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