Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bennett's Soccer Season in D-O-N-E!

We had a great season of soccer this spring. The girls didn't make it onto teams because they were alread full, but they were able to squeeze Bennett onto a team at the last minute. It was the same one as our friend Jaelen, and another girl he played with last year. The coach was better and more involved with actually instructing and we saw definite improvement from game to game... which is what you want to see. Plus, they really enjoyed themselves. I know I've uploaded a couple videos of him playing. He made 3 goals (I think). I also took fun pictures of their end of the year party... he was the only boy since the other one didn't get to come. He played it up well as you can see. ;)

Our crazy friend Jaelen! :)

Maggie tries out the cookie... which had black icing. Lovely!!?
Lydia gets cookie too.

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