Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maggie's School Registration

Today was Maggie's day to register for Kindergarten. If you scroll down a year you'll see the post for Bennett's day. His day was much more eventful being that it was all new to everyone. Today seemed like just another day. Maggie has been too excited about this day for so long that she could hardly contain herself. The past 5 days we've been counting down. When we drove into the parking lot she informed me that she was a little shy. But before I could even get myself out of the truck she said she wasn't shy anymore and she was ready to go. Lydia got to go with us as the token little sister. (Ruth is down playing with Aunt Stacy and Tyler for a couple of days so she missed out.) Maggie ran excitedly up the sidewalk and into the front door like she's been there a thousand times and belongs. We filled out all the necessary paperwork and moved from station to station to make sure she can hear, see, speak, answer questions and that she still has teeth. Interesting teeth thing, but I guess this IS White county. We stopped by Bennett's classroom to see what it was about and briefly visited him during lunch. It was exciting. We are now ready to go... but we need to pray for the right teacher again. We would like the same one Bennett has but it's not in our hands.

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