Monday, August 20, 2007

Visit with the W Cousins

I don't even know where to begin. These are a bunch of photos from this weekend while Mom and Dad were up and brought Seth's kids. You can tell they had a good time playing. I do believe Seth and Leslie enjoyed some quiet time, watched a movie and had a dinner out alone. The boys played non-stop in the 90+ degree heat, would come in for a drink, and then head back out to run around like maniacs! Bennett was pushing Micah in the double stroller (converted to a wild adventure ride) and was jumping hills, screaming around trees, and careening through the woods until one of the trees didn't move out of the way. Bennett came inside having a fit about blood on his elbow... while Micah was close behind making sure he was going to live. After cleaning and bandaging to wounds they were both back outside running around like the maniacs they are. :)
The girls were mostly in the basement playing dress-up all day since it was too hot outside for Princesses! And they are ALL Princesses in case you weren't sure.
We had a couple of pink silly putty's that were big hits too. We layed out some old newpapers and they enjoyed taking off pictures and stretching them all around.
Sunday morning we all got up and went to church together. Everyone had a partner (except Lydia) and marched down the halls to their respective rooms. It was quite cute! Dad was impressed with Ruth's leadership with Esther.
Well, I'm at work today and can't really think of any good thoughts to add to these pictures. Grandpa danced with Esther and then told Ruth to vacuum the blue square so I could take her picture in her "flapper" outfit. She did, so I did. Grandma and Grandpa got good snuggles during the movie night. We had to watch "Gigi, the Princess Balerina" and then (for the boys) we watched "Milo, the Mantas who wouldn't pray". Curtis enjoyed the Gigi movie because of the reformed theology hidden within. :)
Alright, enough for now.

The boys and their funny faces! They just weren't too much into dressing up like dancing princesses.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All the Cuz!

Here's a picture from earlier this summer for those who needed faces for their names. :)

Bennett is center. McGrooter is to his right, Aggie is to his left, and Munch is directly in front.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

First Day of School 2007

Ok, so this year's first day of school was SOOOoooo not last year's first day of school. I'm sure most of it was because Bennett was the first to go and he's paved the way into the public school system and taking those first steps. Maybe it was because Maggie is so mature in her 5 years. :) Maybe not! I think this summer helped me to be ready for school to start. I didn't think I would ever look forward to the first day of school. I enjoy my kids at home. I enjoy myself at home. But the non-routine we fell into over the past two months has been very uncomfortable for me. I liked getting up at the same time every day, driving them to school, spending my 30 minutes at Curves, and then starting my day with the tasks at home.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Open House 2007

Bennett & Maggie enjoyed their Open House days at Jack P. Nix. Maggie is way more excited than Bennett ever was (or probably will be). She gets Mrs. Chamberlain this year, the same that Bennett had last year. Bennett gets Mrs. Milhollin, a lady from church whom we know. That makes this year's transition into school so much easier for the parents!!
We didn't spend too much time in Maggie room because she is already familiar with Mrs. Chamberlain and Mrs. Heather. She found her seat, checked out the goodie bag, and said hello to her neighbor Tristan. That was about the extent of it.
Bennett's was a little more involved. We checked out the room, spoke to several friends, and asked a few questions to a very busy teacher. Mrs. Milhollin seems to be a very laid back, go with the flow kind of lady. She likes to sing and dance and integrates that into her teaching (so she says). Her helper is Mrs. Karen, and since Bennett isn't too fond of strangers, it was a quiet meeting.

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