Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas Wish Lists

Mostly just so I can remember these things...

The kids made lists this weekend.  Bennett and Maggie put great effort into presentation by typing theirs and adding pictures, clipart and actual item photos.  Lydia and Ruth were satisfied with a Post-it note.
Lists... as written.

- cash for a RC rock crawler
- Fenix E15 flashlight
- Fenix E25 flashlight
- Long sleeve Under Armour shirt size 12
- boots mens size 8
- Nike or Under Armour socks
- RipStick
- Running stuff
- BB or AirSoft Gun
- Sweatshirt

- American girl doll horse, wheelchair
- Inno tab 2 (at Walmart in the leap pad section)
- Basketball, cement, basketball goal
- Webkinz (a horse, underwater, or flying animal is preferable)
- Blue jeans (sometimes I have to where Ruth's blue jeans)
- Tech clothes
- play food (for our kitchen downstairs)
- ANY art supplies
- Board game (doesn't matter)
- (probably wont happen) camera or video camera
- Knee high socks (two or three pairs will do)
- a skirt or two

- Paint set
- Pine tree air freshener spray
- kichen in the basement for me
- own dog (puppy)
- fuzzy tall socks
- bennett's room

- a dese dasr (dizzy dancer)
- a bunny
- school ket
- go to Lego land

I love how they ask for such simple things like jeans and socks.  I love that they like to imagine in their play (kitchen, school). I'm thankful they didn't think they needed to list the iPad, iPod, iTouch, i anything.  Art supplies and board games!!  Maggie was very thoughtful in her requests (doesn't matter, two or three pairs will do, probably wont happen, is preferable). I asked Lydia about her list... she had numbered to 9 but could only think of 4. She struggled briefly over not being able to think of more things. She did say that the Lego Land was NOT the one in Atlanta (Discovery Center).  Ruth asked for air freshener. I still haven't figured that one out.
I love my kids and the entertainment they constantly bring into this home.

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