Saturday, May 17, 2008

Death of THE Pillow...

Last night I got home from work late. That's really not so unusual these days. But the girls from Sunday school had a GNO in honor of a new little pink addition to the Dowdy family. We always use new babies as an excuse to go out to eat. It's our only excuse and only opportunity to spend time together, just the girls. This summer we're going to have GNO every other week, it seems. :) Anyway I got home later than normal. But, being Friday night I knew the kids would still be up and probably watching a movie and eating popcorn. The movie was ON but I'm not sure how much watching was happening. There was no popcorn, but there were muffin crumbs and Tootie Fruitie remnants in the kitchen. They were not forsaken children!
MOMMIE'S HOME!!! Came the screams from the almost 3 year old. Ruuufie wake UP! Is Ruth asleep? Leave her alone. No, she's fakin! giggle giggle Then came the onslaught... I need milk, I need a drink, we didn't get our vitamins, I'm hungry, can I have a muffin, can I have more tootie fruities, hold me... CAN I GO POTTY?????
I made it into my beloved duck pjs and fell exhausted onto the couch. I wanna sit here, no me, my turn, I wanna snuggle, no me. I LOVE being the mommy!!
Back to the post...
Lydia's beloved pillow, which has been repaired, restitched, and restuffed many times over the past 3 years has finally seen it's last days. Apparently, she had torn the frill from the edge and in doing so actually torn the fabric. The entire innards were exposed. It was a very sad night. I threw the stuffing away and gave her the shell. In her best two year old attitude she pouted her lips and said something quite unhappily in her squeaky little whine while she threw the shell onto the floor. Hhrumph! I gave her a kiss good night, told her I was sorry her pillow was gone and left the shell on the floor.
This morning she came trapsing from the room with the shell in her grubby little fingers. She loves it after all. Here are a couple pictures from this morning when she first emerged from her room and was still all snuggley and warm and smelled deliciously like a 2 year old. :)

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Lenee said...

Yours is a good life, my friend. What a wonderful home you are giving your children.

Hey, save one of those girls' nights out for me!

Miss you much. Also, the peewees - nothing better than a night with children crawling all over me!

Hugs to all.


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