Monday, May 19, 2008

Follow-up to previous post.

You need to read the post about Ruth (below) before you read this one to make any sense of it all.

After having excused her father from the room last night with promises of talking more "in the morning" Ruth got up ready to talk some more. Once her father parked in the rocker she climbed up in his lap and proceeded to have discussions about her sinful heart. She needed to tell him something. "I lied" and as the conversation went on she confessed having lied about breaking the gingerbread house before Christmas. She really was trying to move it under the table so she and Lydia could eat the candy. Oh really?! "And now I have a clean heart! and I will obey Jesus."
So many months ago...
Do you think she gets it?

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Lenee said...

Will you adopt me? . . . I want to be one of your crew!

It's a mighty fine life you got going there, missy!

You are some kinda blessed.

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