Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Morning Musings

I think today is my first "real" Saturday in a very long time. Normally, I get up quietly, sneak through the house in my cutest spandex(which can be frightening for little people), and trip out the back door as I bypass the empty coffee pot. I drive into town for a brief and sometimes unmotivated encounter with the local Curves gals. Then I head back home to find the kids and sometimes their father lounging with their blankets and pillows in front of the latest Saturday morning cartoon. Well, they really don't have Saturday morning cartoons like in my day... but they watch the usual animated Sesame Street, Thomas, Bob. If I'm not sneaking off to Curves it's because we have an appointment somewhere early... like those dreaded Saturday morning birthday parties or the hospital sponsored March of Dimes walk, or some other random weekend activity that keeps us hopping around here.
Today is different. I'm actually "on-call" for work until 1300 today. I decided to stay close to the phone, just in case. Today it's free money but the potential for going in is still pretty great. We've been crazy busy around the very full nest of little ones. In fact, last night I described it as "stupid crazy" because it was Friday night and my fellow coworkers often fall ill late on Friday afternoons. We had two last night. You can't force someone to have a work ethic! Anyway, I digress.
Today is different. I still got up first. I still sneaked through quietly but stayed in my ducky pjs. I filled the coffee pot! Mmmmm Mmmm Good! Kids #1 & #3 snuck (not so sneakily) to the basement to watch a movie. I went down to say hello and take breakfast orders. 1 omelet and 1 scrambled egg. Easy enough. I still had time to get to Curves. Ahh, but the coffee was steaming and the ducks are so comfy... maybe I'll just sit, sip and read a new favorite blog. Then I was motivated to write again. The end of school is approaching fast. Only 5 more days and two of them are half-days. No more schedule. No more daily grind with the friends. No more of a lot of things. But summer brings different noises. The kids will once again learn to play together for hours on end. They will explore the woods again. Bennett will teach Maggie his favorite route through the trails on the 4 wheelers. Ruth will be his best friend again. The oldest two will go to camp and make new friends, learn new activities and hopefully get some more confidence in themselves... away from the comforts of Mom & Dad. Maggie will be fine!
Today I enjoyed listening to the kids oooo and ahhh over their eggs... they were on sale at the local IGA 5 for $5! Someone asked if it was 5 eggs for $5 or 5 dozen. It's the latter. I enjoyed hearing Norah Jones sing in Sesame Street... she is one of my favorites! In fact, Lydia was almost a Nora. I enjoyed snuggling with Lydia and her dead pillow.
I have enjoyed my normal Saturday morning! Good thing for using "on-call" as the excuse to sit and listen.

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