Monday, October 31, 2011

Bermuda Cruise with Mom

Mostly just loading the pictures for the book... 
September 2011 - Mom and I took a cruise to Bermuda.  We had been asking the other gals in the family to join us for some time, but while Mom was keeping the kids all summer we came up with solid plans.  We just clicked - and reserved our spots!

We drove to Baltimore the day before. Mom drove the whole way. It was very scary!

She looks innocent and all... 
Here's our room aboard the ship

our fancy bathroom... for the kids to see. 

Muster Drill!! and ready to sail

the Baltimore dock and skyline

Our friendly tugboat

a little windy

Going under that bridge doesn't seem like a big deal... until we got closer, and closer, and it's a very tight fit. Good thing we didn't bounce!

Mom always manages to find people to talk to no matter where we are, or what we're doing. She's a friendly face!

The moon through the window. It must have been big and bright for my little camera to pick it up.

Waiting for a show to begin after dinner.

Ah - sunshine, warmth, water... no matter when you look at a picture like this, it warms you up and makes you happy.  Oh yeah, Mom's smile too.  :)

Dinner time!  We had a good group of couples to dine with each night. A newly married, older couple. 2 long time married couples who were travelling together and good friends. I believe one of the ladies was a retired nurse too. 

An elephant.

Bermuda coastline.

Taking the ferry into town.

Ah, the Hog Penny.  Mom has been here several times and requested a return meal.  Loved it!

Check out the hog on the wall!

I don't remember what I got, but it was good.  Some spicy chicken probably.


Ha! Gotta leave this one in for Grandma! She wasn't expecting it.

More coastline pictures

Oh the men in Bermuda are fun! Pink, shorts, and proud. 

This Willowbank is where we sent Mom and Dad on an anniversary trip several years ago. 

Sad to hear they were closing because of the economy.

Smallest drawbridge in the world - just wide enough for the mast/pole to go through.

A PGA tournament in progress.  I'm sure we saw somebody famous.

The local Bobby.

We rode the bus a lot so we could see as much as possible. We needed more time.

roofline to save rainwater

Smallest bridge from the other side of the road. 

churning up the water - heading back out to sea

The north end of the island, with lots of forts and history... we never got that far.

Those big storm clouds - would be indicative of a rough day at sea going home.

Ice sculpting

The grey haired man in the back was deaf and blind. It was really neat to watch him "see" the ice with his hands once he was finished.

big, choppy waves

I think this was departure morning.  A fun week for sure and one we need to repeat!

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