Friday, August 05, 2011

Summertime with the D's.

Summertime at the D's is always full of stuff.... random, unorganized... but stuff.  For 2011 we picked Strong Rock Camp as our big "vacation" and a weekend trip to Ohio for the Wallace Family Reunion.  No trip to a beach. No trip to Pennsylvania to visit the Roses. No visit to the Hartmans in Virginia. Just us. Just home. It really was a good summer.
Strong Rock 2011 - Pure

WAYA - Maggie, Amelia, Bennett and Ruth on the front row

Our new friend Garrison Skipper drew the RED chip too.

Ruth... Waya Pride 

Maggie heading out to the barn

Rocket time with one of the couselors

The counselors love to play battle ball against the kids

Bennett takes a shot
Camp in a nutshell.... the 3 eldest and the Momma went to camp for a week at the end of June. The baby picked Camp Grandma instead.  We can't get Lydia motivated for Strong Rock because "I don't like being outside". She's still pretty little to go anyway. I was resident camp Nurse again and love, love, love it! I had a kid quarantined for the first 2 days, but the week was mostly uneventful. This is good for all who are involved! The kids had a great time, as always. I was mostly unable to take my sneaky mom pictures... so we don't have much in the form of photos, but plenty of memories. We want to do the 2 week session next year, but I'm not sure it's possible... with life and work and other trips. Strong Rock is highly recommended for all kids 6-16! It's pricey, but if you save your pennies and make it a priority, eliminate other things, you can do it!

There were many more camp photos... somewhere.  If I ever find them, I'll add them!

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