Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home Depot Girls

Ruth is ready to be Daddy's little helper. She went with him to the new Home Depot's grand opening the other night and earned a new apron. She was very cute running around the house.
The big kids were at church and when they arrived back home Maggie was insistant on wearing an apron too. Good thing they gave Lydia one too! So the girls wore matching aprons... Ruth wore Lydia's, Maggie wore Ruth's. It made sense to them.

Then I had them all pose for me. Bennett was trying to be funny and kept making faces. I guess there's always going to be one clown in the group.

Lydia is up to new and exciting things these days. She is starting to crawl. She is the first girl child to achieve this feat. While the other two scooted on their bottoms she would rather roll around on the floor. She also just started waving. Just the wrist and hand, the left one. It's very cute because she watches herself do it and smiles real big. She's about to get a few teeth too.

Well, my blog time is up and I must head to bed. Work starts early tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Before I forget the story and it gets into March I'd better write this one down. Valentine's (being on a Tuesday) fell on playgroup day. The kids worked really hard on Monday writing everyone's name on special cards and coloring and picking each one out for each of our friends. I was at work on Monday then had van difficulties and didn't get home until after 9pm so I was unable to help them get prepared. Then Tuesday we ran out of the house in such a rush that half were left sitting on the kitchen table.
Curtis and I had planned on having dinner together that night, just the two of us. We had childcare lined up and a gift certificate to Red Lobster! Woo Hoo! But, just as plans are made new plans come along. The van ended up being a late afternoon issue getting it towed from the hospital (where it left me) to the shop down from the house. Then our childcare got sick and couldn't keep the kids. SOoooo, I decided to grill ribeyes for us and enjoy an evening at home. Curtis was set on eating out. He decided to take Maggie on a date instead. Oh what fun they had being together. They went to Ruby Tuesday's (we're saving our Red Lobster trip!) and she held his hand, got to make her own salad from the salad bar, had her own rasberry lemonade and sprite, then had ice cream from Sonic. Then they went and picked out flowers for me. She brought them to me and explained "the red one, white one, and yellow one are for you but the pink ones are for me". We're sharing a vase on the table. She came home so excited to tell me all about their time together. Curtis says he needs to do it more often because he really enjoyed his evening with her. It helps to have one on one time to renew your love. I guess that's why we have date night! He also said she doesn't talk nearly as much as Bennett. Isn't that scary!

Here are a few pictures from our "paint day" this week.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ruth's first haircut

Ruth Before...

Today was Ruth's first trip to the "salon". I have pictures! :) Maggie and Mom also got trimmed and Bennett went to see Rocky for his shave. They all sat and did very well. It took Ms. Shirley 2 hours to cut the three girls because she kept getting interrupted by a bleach job and a business card salesman. Here are the before and after shots of the girls.

I intended on getting this posted last night but somehow I fell asleep and never did hit post. So, the "today" really was yesterday.
Maggie's hair can be curled on the ends to make her feel very special... and Ms Shirley did.

Maggie before.......

Ms Shirley did a good job explaining what she was planning on doing with her hair. Maggie doesn't want it short like Ruth's! "just trim it"...

Getting all curled up!
Her face looks much rounder to me with it styled this way. Today we had to paint nails as well. Oh the joys of girlie girls!

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