Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bennett's School Registration

Today was kindergarten registration for Bennett into the White County school system. We've been talking it up for a few days to prepare him for this BIG event. I think in actuality I was psyching myself up for the event as well. He seemed a little apprehensive about going to school and kept asking if we were going to leave him there but I explained it was just for us to look around and see what the school was like. I told him he wouldn't go back to school until after my birthday this summer. (we relate just about everything in terms of someone's birthday since we have one every month!) :) We layed his special clothes out last night so there would be little thought (or fussing) this morning when we were trying to get ready. Grammy came to stay with the girls (who were at times upset THEY couldn't go to school) and Curtis and I took him with most of the required papers. He was excited to see TWO of his girl friends right at the door when we got there. After filling out the papers we went around to their stations to do the various testing. We had also explained to him that new teachers would ask him questions about letters and colors and such and that he would need to answer loud enough for them to hear him. Sometimes he gets quiet and shy and I was concerned he would pull into his shell. I believe it was Ms Aycock who was privileged to quiz him. He walked over to the table with her and propped his head in his hands as if he was already bored with the whole deal. I heard a few questions and had to laugh quietly to myself and move across the room so he wouldn't see or hear me. She was asking if he was ready for school and his reply "I won't be ready until after mommy's birthday". It was exactly what I had told him earlier. How funny to me... but she wasn't amused. :) He sped through his letters, numbers and sounds and really seemed bored with the naming process. The sounds he answered as a question... "is that a kah?" But I guess they'll let him go to school after all. We also got to go see Nurse Norma who checked his teeth to make sure he still had some. She is having chemo treatments and feels terrible (we learned in our first meeting) so I'm not sure if she'll be there all year. As we were leaving they had a table set up to purchase school t-shirts. We said good bye to one of our friends and he decided he wanted a shirt (the same as what Jaelen had picked out). He's so cute.

Ok... so long story long. NOW he's ready to go to school tomorrow, wants to know how long until my birthday? Will Maggie go too? What about the bus? Will he take his lunch? What's this called recess? and more... I'm sure it will be a fun summer but he's excited about school.
If you will please pray for the RIGHT teacher for Bennett. There are several to chose from and most are Christian women but we want the right one, not just the popular one. We would also like Jaelen to be in the same class. :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Welcome to the Madness

We had a houseful of guests on Tuesday. My friends at work just don't understand how 7 kids don't scare us to death. But look at them. How could you be scared of that? Well, Ruth is kind of scary with that Batman face, but the rest of them... how beautiful is that?? :)

Seth's kids got to come spend the night Monday and played all day Tuesday with the kids. We were so thankful for a beautiful day. We took 2 trips to the mailbox and a hike down to Grandma's land in search of fallen trees. Bennett had to build something with Micah and wanted to cut down trees for it. I told him to find trees already on the ground. It would be easier. Micah lost interest and Bennett was stuck hauling the trees back up the hill all alone. The girls played dress-up and dolls most of the day but they did enjoy the time outside too. Maggie has become the "one in charge" and intructs the others to "walk this way" or "come play trucks". So far Anna Grace, Ruth and Esther still listen but the time will come soon that they figure her out!

On our second trip to the mailbox we saw the neighbor riding his horse. It sure is a beautiful horse... I was told by the 5 year old. The screaming one year old wasn't the horse's favorite but he strutted on past with dignity. The kids then played in the ditch sand until the cars started zooming past after work. It's a fun place to play... just not the safest in the afternoon.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to play with the cousins. What memories we make each time. I remember playing in California... as the middle cousin... and getting left behind in the big drain pipe. Oh, and Aunt Tommae's artichoke dip stuff. And Pippi Longstocking!! :)

I must find a "Pippi Longstocking" for the kids to remember.

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