Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pet with Purpose...

Alright... the puppy is officially Freckles. We like the way Lydia says it. And I may have a friend who wants to take him home! :) I tried to give him to the UPS driver, but he said no. We also acquired a new kitten from a girl I work with. She's been here a week and her name is officially Princess Ladybug Davidson... according to Ruth. She isn't as nice as Freckles or as friendly but she has a purpose. Curtis wants a hunter to keep the mice out of the basement and garage. She has meaning in life because she's a hunter. Curtis wants her. .
She's made her home in the boards in the rafters of the basement porch, which is the floor of the front porch. Freckles can't get to her there. And she's a hunter. I've seen her chase the lizards. She's fast and she has really (REALLY) sharp claws. She ought to be useful over the years. Now, when I went to pick her up I was instructed by Bennett to get a girl because he knows that's the way to get more kittens. Smart little fellow, eh? Hopefully, she'll produce more hunters... for Curtis' sake, of course

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