Friday, May 23, 2008

A New Addition

This is our new puppy. We didn't go looking for a puppy. We didn't ask for a puppy. We didn't even know we needed a puppy. But somehow... he found us, or needed us, or something. I haven't figured it out yet, but I think he's staying.
He showed up last Saturday as I was sitting here blogging my morning away. Curtis even took him for a ride up to camp to see if they wanted to keep him, but no luck.

He has a few names right now that we haven't narrowed down. A few of our options include... Spot (Bennett's suggestion), Buck (another B but too close to Bucky), Black & White (Ruth's offering), BW... (Daddy's). We are quite original and creative around here! Maggie likes to call him Mush because he leaves her alone when she yells that at him. Ruth has taken all week to warm up to his existence but she's finally figured out that he's not going to jump on her and he's not going to bite. He is really sweet and good with the kids. I would think he was well cared for in his early days. He loves to run fast and chase Bennett across the yard.
I'm not sure of his breed, although I'm guessing some hound (he howls) and a big dog. His legs are short and his paws are big. Curt says he'll be ugly when he grows up. Probably.
After chasing Bennett around he likes to sleep. Sometimes he even hides under the van so he doesn't have to fetch and run anymore. Oh yeah, Bucky likes him too.

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