Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stories by Bennett

Bennett brought home papers from school today. It's often a bore to sift through the math sheets, spelling lists, and notes from the principal of the goings on around the school. Sometimes though, the teachers will sneak in something funny or creative or sentimental. Tuesdays are paper day... so after work tonight I had stuff to sift through. I signed the appropriate lines and skimmed over important dates to come. Then I found one of B's pictures he drew. Art is his favorite thing to do. He usually pretty good and detailed as well. The picture is a book cover of his very first Hardy Boys book... the Tower Treasure. Do you remember that one? Well, attached to the picture is his recommendation about the book.
Dear Friend,
Do you like mysteries? How about trying this book. The name of this book is Hardy Boys The Tower Treasure. The story is about two boys and a robbery at a big mansion. If you want to find out more... you have to read the book.
One of his vocabulary sheets... using certain words listed to fill in the blanks... cozy, drifted, fleet, launched, looming, realized. The at the bottom there are instructions to use the words to write sentences about your favorite way to travel. So, on the back is this paragraph...

My favorite way to traver is by plane. First they launched the place while you sit in the cozy seats. You see fleets of birds on the way up! Once you've drifted into the air you relize all you can see is clouds. Once you land you're much closer!

It may not be that entertaining to everyone else, but I had to laugh at the thoughts that went into the sentences. I think my favorite one is the way he ended... so matter of fact. Once you land you're much closer! :)

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