Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ruth's Kindergarten Registraton

The day has finally come! Ruth has looked forward to going to school since before her 5th birthday. The Tuesday after she tuned 5 on Monday she was certain she would get to go to school, as I had put her off over and over with the "you can't go until you're 5" answer. I then had to explain she would have to wait another 11 months. That's an eternity when you're 5! So, since January we have been counting down to registration day, 3 months... 6 weeks, 3 weeks, 10 days, 3 days, the day after tomorrow, in the morning, TODAY! Woo Hoo! We had survived!!
She insisted on wearing a dress so "I can be pretty" despite our trying to convince otherwise. Curtis made sure she understood that what she wears doesn't determine if she's pretty. I also told her we would be going straight to playgroup afterwards and she would have to change clothes too. No dice! She was wearing the dress. She did look rather cute.

She thought she would meet her teacher, and she may have, we just won't know until mid-July. She went through all her testing stations with flying colors. I asked the vision lady (Ms. Libby) to test with and without her glasses since we haven't gone back to the optometrist or had any checks with the prescriptions. She saw everything just fine with... and nothing without. I guess they're working. I'm so glad for my friend who's post convinced me to have them all checked last year. Who would have thought?! Ms. Libby also said Ruth didn't tell her which direction the table and legs were pointing... she said they were M, W, E, 3. :) She talked with a teacher one-on-one and answered "what color, how many, what shape, which sound, what letter"... according to Ruth. The teacher didn't jump up and down and say she was the smartest child she's ever seen. I don't know why. She very calmly said Ruth did well. I'm sure Guinness will soon be calling to talk about her. Ha! I really am kidding but she is my clone! :)
After an hour + at school with many other excited 5 year olds and they parents, we headed over to Strong Rock for playgroup at the gym. It was an incredibly beautiful day... as it's been all week. During the day I tried to take some pictures of my favorite kids... Shannon "stole" my camera and took some shots of his favorite people instead... not that they aren't the same people and all. ;)
His best friend, Elliott.

Elliott's Mom!
Elliott's brother, AJ. Lydia's leg.
Shannon's Daddy.

Ruth also took the camera on their cart ride to the barn. She returned with shots of the horses and dogs. No people except in the corners of the horse/dog shots.
I love these faces!

We procrastinated leaving long enough to be able to pick B&M up from school on our way home. We also had time to stop by DQ for a little ice cream cone treat. We haven't done that in many, many moons.
We're in the midst of our spring soccer season so we run on those nights from 5:30 until 8:30. Dinner usually is snacks before, during and after practice. Baths as quickly as they'll tolerate and then bed by 9... if we're lucky. Here's some of Ruth's team... Makenna, Cheyenne, Ruth, Trey, Riley, Katherine. Last night Maggie crashed before we even said good night, the light was still on and Ruth and Lydia were not quiet in their bedtime preparations. 9 o'clock is too late for her... or maybe it's the 7am that's too late.
Today Ruth helped me make muffins. Post to come...

Riley's brother...

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