Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preschool Choir Sings 3/15/09 - with new videos added

He's Still Working On Me... 8:30 Service. Ruth and Elliott have solos.
Same song... second service... same solos. A few more background noises and distractions. That's what happens when they actually wake up!I've Got Joy... this is also the 11 o'clock service because the kids are a little more animated and Lydia did NOTHING in the 1st service. It's fun to watch the kids and see what additional surprises they may give us. Our friend Shannon is in the front row with his hands in his pockets. He never sings on stage, but he wants to stand up there with everyone else. He sings in practice and he sang with a microphone (& me) to Guitar Hero! Thomas is in the back row with the bright blue shirt. He's our new friend who came from Seattle (?) and is here temporarily before heading off to Africa (?) to the mission field. We enjoy him a lot and he's so sweet I could squish him! We'll miss watching him grow. Abbey is right behind Ruth in the matching dress. They planned that... to match. Her mom and I had to figure out what they both had that would look similar... ended up being very similar! The girls love to play together.

I'm a Promise... my favorite part of this one is AJ, in the green shirt next to Shannon. He's Lydia's boyfriend - for now.

For those who want to know the rest of the lineup... front row... Elliott, Ruth, Lydia, Kendall, Jake (the most well-mannered and polite kid ever!), Sydney, Andrew, Shannon, AJ, Amelia, Kendall ... back row... Nolan, Abbey, Kinsley, Emma, Sarah, Thomas, Devon or Diego, Matthew, Lyndsi, Ethan... some of these names I'm depending on Ruth so I could be wrong.

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