Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Day in the Life of... being my kid.

I posted these pictures on Facebook earlier but forgot to put them here for all those non-facebookies! :) Mom refuses to join... even if it means being able to see more pictures of the kids AND keep up with what we're doing at all times. Good thing! I can talk about her without worry.

Ok... the other day Bennett got up with extremely large bedhead because he needs a haircut. The girls laughed. He got mad. So, I took a picture. He got happy. Really. After this shot he was laughing with us.

Maggie was pretending to have really bad bedhead. She does a good job too. She just hadn't brushed it... but it doesn't stand up like her brother's.

Ruth... being sweet Ruth. She's just missing her glasses so we don't see this face very often anymore. Missing for the photo... not missing as in lost.

Lydia hiding behind the Batman mask... with her silly little stinky pillow that is so falling apart.

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