Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Soccer Season

The soccer has begun! We're still the Strykers and the Crush. Bennett and Maggie will enjoy 10 last games together before his age pushes him out. Ruth enjoys 8 games of dancing around the field with her new friends. I have no good pictures yet. I have a few short video clips from tonight. They all played at the same time so it was a little difficult to watch both games to catch the good moments. Bennett fell injured and his coach had to call "Hey Bennett's Mom" because I was watching Ruth. He was fine after being carried from the field and threatening amputation of the injured leg! :)

In the videos... Ruth is orange and #1. B&M are green. Bennett #8 and Maggie #5. Oh, I had their names put on the back of their shirts. Bennett picked Benito to go on his. It was funny to see him react as people cheered Benito on. Grandpa gave him a hard time too. :)

Brendan is the tall #24 who booted the snot out of the ball for a screaming goal. I didn't get the play... but it was pretty impressive! Jaelen is #6 and the speed demon. We appreciate her hustle many, many times!

Riley is the shortest little orange person. He's hilarious, but he's rarely focused enough to stay in the game. He's working on it! The ref tonight enjoyed beating him to the ball when it would go out of bounds... before Riley could kick it even further from the field. He also stood firmly on the ball while Riley tried to kick it out from under his foot while we waited for the inbounds pass. I hope they get paid!

End of the game hand slaps!
This one... is just Maggie and Jaelen inbounding the ball... but the funny part is watching Coach Katie bouncing up and down cheering them on. She and Coach Sami are both very energetic and have been very good with the kids. Sami wanted to take out the ref tonight... but I had to remind her it wasn't college ball! :) They're fun! They also like snack time after the game.

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