Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pictures for your viewing pleasure

My Mom and Dad just left. They brought my cousin Wayne to visit. Wayne was always more like an Uncle to us growing up because he is SOoooooo much older than us! :) He was married and had babies when we were teenagers. We always enjoyed visiting his family growing up... and times don't change much. He's still fun to be around and now my kids get to enjoy his crazy humor! He even does card tricks. I'll show you one. I'm a real expert now. The trouble with cousin Wayne... he lives in Indiana, or Ohio. They all live right on the border and depending on who you're visiting determines what time of day it is. You know those Indiana people don't change their clocks forwards and backwards like the rest of the union. It IS a crazy practice anyway.
Anyway... Mom brought all the food even though Dad's the one who planned this thing. :) Thanks Mom! We had ham, corn, beans, potato salad, and she baked 3 cakes. Yes, THREE cakes. Like we need cake to begin with... and we had 3. I won't share the flavors or pictures of the cakes. That wouldn't be kind.

Leslie came too and brought the kids. I'm really glad because it gave my 4 something to do with themselves since the weather outside is frightful. Was frightful. There were tornadoes in south Georgia and Alabama but nothing came up north. They are calling for snow... but you know how snow in Georgia usually goes??? A slight dusting to greet us at dawn and then melted before you get out of church. The kids hate that process. We'll see.

Leslie was tired. I'm tired. Neither of us wanted to try to figure out sleepovers between cousins... here or there. So we vetoed ALL the requests. And there were requests. And pouts. And whines. And then plans for "maybe next weekend". I think it will work for a while.
Maggie is yelling her desires to the car riders as they load up. I'm not sure... I think it was to Grandma. Come back! Come back!
The boys attempting their usual scheming to stay together and play.
Ruth pleads for a turn with Anna Grace and Esther.
Lydia calls for Grandma... "I wanna go with you!!!!!!!!!!!"

I think Micah wins the pout award. He really didn't want to go home tonight.

This is my favorite time to watch Ruth and Grandpa. This is THEIR time and she insists they play cards when he visits. In fact, she uses this plea to melt his heart to actually make the trip north on regular occasion. She is adorable as she tells him how to play each time, which card wins, if they look first or just play, how many cards to hold. And he is always so good to do what she says. Melts my heart too!
Grandpa was pretty worn out too.
We got him to play the Wii and enjoyed watching that. He was breathing pretty heavily after taking down the boxing bags! :)
Grandpa did his German commandant impersonation for the girls. He did this often to us as kids, only he used his little black plastic barbershop comb as his mustache. He'd point that finger and in his best German accent "you vill obey!". It was always funny. And we usually obeyed. Mostly. He was a much scarier father than he is grandfather. Go figger!

Speaking of scary... Wayne is scary! Would you mess with him? He claims to be ATF or DEA or some federal agent... but it's all an act. If you meet him in the airport... just give him some cake. That's what Mom does!


Rose Family Editor said...

Loved this post!! I especially like Ruth & Grandpa playing cards. She's still got him wrapped, doesn't she!??

Boy, I miss out on everything. I've got to get to GA soon.

Stacy said...

aww! my dad loves you so!

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