Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Day... sorta



Georgia got a little snow on Sunday. For some strange unknown reason the clouds floated south and hit Athens to Macon but completely bypassed us! The mountains! In the words of one of my educated friends, "What up with that?". So while most of the cities south of us got to stay home on Monday and play in the dusting... we went to school. That's ok! If they miss a day we just have to make it up. But while the big kids were learning I took the little girls on a road trip uphill. We went north a few minutes to the top of Blood Mountain. We could see the snow covered caps from our driveway so I knew it was there. They were excited about getting to see the snow. We put on boots and grabbed jackets and loaded up the van. Lydia was extremely cute when we got there... "stomp stomp stomp" she says as she leaves her footprints along the ground. So, after we had run through the woods, written our names on a bench, hiked up the hill and watched the waterfall... we headed back down the mountain. Something about being the responsible adult and picking up two more offspring. Anyway, we went to the school and picked out some fun books to read from the library and retrieved the two missing kids. Then I surprised them (more than leaving school 15 minutes early) by taking them back up the mountain. Ruth and Lydia were so animated telling Bennett and Maggie all about the snow and what we did and what we should do again. They explained about the trees being white and the rocks having ice and seeing men on bikes.

Bennett and Maggie pretend to be afraid, very afraid of the bears in the woods.
We played for an hour and hiked into the woods a bit. I was a bit nervous being up there alone with the kids after hearing stories... but we had a great time. Bennett kept going off exploring and I had to keep calling him back to the trail. After having so much freedom in the woods at home I'm sure he doesn't understand his mother's concerns when we're in the middle of nowhere and all sounds are deadened from the snow. One day!

Ruth dances on the table!
They were happy to get to go play. But, then ready to come home and get warmed up. We had a fun family dinner too. Daddy's cell phone started talking in his pocket and they all burst into laughter thinking it was the funniest thing EVER! I can't put into a public forum what Maggie said... but it was funny! Crazy funny! Now, if we had been in public we would not have laughed and I'm sure there would have been some sort of parental guidance from somewhere... somewhere.

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