Sunday, November 23, 2008

What Did They Say?

If you have kids that speak you know where I'm coming from. There are times when things come out of their mouths that make yours fall open in amazement, wonder, disbelief, surprise, embarrassment... some emotion that you often can't even explain. Then there are times they say something and you make a mental note... I must remember that, write it down, because it's hilarious! Now, a lot of these phrases are wrapped in a moment that can't be duplicated and when verbalized the second time (by the adult) the hilariousness just isn't the same. Most of my "must remember" moments are forgotten long before I remember to write it down and then I say "what did they say?". Sometimes I'm in public and I hear something and I say "what did they say?" in a completely different motherly tone. One of my most recent moments was in the midst of aisle 3 at our local Ingles. I had Ruth and Lydia in tow and we were just picking up a few essentials. We passed another couple shopping and Ruth turns around to announce to all that "he's fat". The first time was sort of quietly spoken and I all buy ignored it thinking surely she wouldn't repeat it and surely he didn't hear her sweet little innocent voice. So she announced it again. This time a little more audible for all those on aisles 2-4, just in case they were missing out. Now my "what did you say" tone changed. Actually, it was my hand. It flew down to her mouth quicker than I thought it could. I covered hers in mid phrase and my fingers ended up actually in her mouth because it was so widely open with "fat". As I led her down the aisle, I strongly encouraged her to be careful with her words... especially when she's talking about other people. I think she understood. So, on aisle 4 we passed the nice couple again... as you often do while perusing the local stores. We smiled politely and I'm hoping he didn't remember, or didn't know it was my children who were shopping with me. And Lydia, sweet little innocent Lydia, thinks she needs to remind Ruth that "he's fat!". ARGH! Yes, I was mistaken about the sweet little innocent part!
Today we were eating breakfast and while I was flipping pancakes Maggie is over at the table explaining to her siblings how good the bacon is. She is a carnivore through and through! Her phrase today... "I love the smell of pig!" Ruth was unsure of her exact meaning so she tells her "I love to eat pig!"... and it was settled. At least there's no confusion where we get our food. :)

Today we celebrated 3 birthdays at two different parties with all our friends. The kids were all caked out and I had a cup of regular coffee at 6pm. So... it's 2:30am and here I sit. At least I've been productive. 2 loads of laundry and 3 TiVo shows... and this post.
No photos tonight though. I'd have to search, or edit, or think.
Ok... maybe just one.


Rebecca said...

crazy this Lydia or Maggie??? Who the world knew they looked so much alike!?!

Mama D! said...

It's Lydia. She's the left thumb sucker. And yes... they look very similar... especially when all asleep and innocent. :)

Sweet Inlow's said...

This post made me literally LOL! I'm still laughing...

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