Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bennett's 2nd Grade Patriotic Program

I guess with a title like that there isn't much explaining left to do. The 2nd grade classes at JPN put on a patriotic program each year... at least they have as long as I've been there. They invite as many veterans as they know and do it for them during the daylight hours, then again at night for the parents. Of course, it's good and emotional to see the pictures of all the men and women who are related to someone in the school as they flash up on the screen. I was there on the floor in front of the front row trying to get a shot or two decent enough for the yearbook. I was also trying to make sure Ruth didn't get run over by the color guard. I think Bennett had ants in his pants tonight because he would NOT sit still. I asked him what his deal was and he said he was tired and it was hard to sit still. Hmmm. Maggie came home from school today and crashed in bed for an hour and a half. Guess we need to get to bed earlier... doesn't help much when all the extra curricular stuff doesn't end until 8pm. Sunday night, Wednesday night, school programs, soccer games, etc.

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