Monday, November 10, 2008

In a tree in the woods... in a hole in the ground...

There's a hole in my bucket of life and my days are just never long enough. Saturday my friend Lenee came to visit and we took a hike through our woods with the kids who weren't napping. We had a great time exploring the fallen leaves and trees and general noisy tromping around together. We have a big tree that fell several years ago and landed in such a way as to create a really cool fort, bridge and tunnel all in one. As it ages it takes on new characteristics and possibilites for little people's imaginations.
Fall is here and things are changing. Many leaves have covered the earth and all that is on it... in their spectacular shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. As we went crunching through the change of seasons we came upon this tree stump. It's now completly hollow and stands as tall as me. The bridge tree has fallen just next to it so it gave me a great perspective of the kids when they all piled inside. I'm thankful no other wild animals had chosen this stump as a hiding place before the kids arrived.
I'm looking for the plug to put in my bucket and stop up the continual oozing of my life. The weekends are never long enough. The days disappear before I'm ready. The kids get 3 inches taller while I turn around and I'm finding more grey hairs! Anyone seen that plug?

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