Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

We haven't gone to a pumpkin farm in 2 years... I think. I'm pretty sure we missed out last year for lack of planning and bad weather. We went today to Burt's... a farm on the other side of Dahlonega, with our playgroup friends.
Bennett and Maggie were quite disappointed that we would do such a thing while they were at school. "Why can't you have playgroup on a Saturday?"... he asks all the time. The woes of growing old! :)
Here's our crew (Back) Lydia, Sydney, AJ, Avery, Shannon (Front) Ruth - holding Tozer, Amelia - holding Elizabeth, Caleb - holding Sophia, Elliott
Anyway, there were 5 moms and 12 kids. We filled up the coffee mugs and loaded up the vans. We had photo ops in the pumpkin patch, took a ride on the hay filled wagon and had a picnic lunch by the river. We really had a great time. We were all beat and needed naps but no rest today!
We were home long enough to turn around and headed into town for the monthly PTO meeting at school. We then came home to a delicious dinner and headed back to school for the program described in the previous post.
Our friends... Lydia, Ruth, Avery, AJ, Shannon, Elliott, Amelia, Caleb, Sydney. The 3 stroller babies missing.

One of my favorite shots of Sophia... she didn't take to the pumpkin shots very well. We tried... briefly. :)

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