Wednesday, November 05, 2008

TIme for Fall... Time for Change

Another month has passed since our trip to Charleston. We have been just as busy around the house but I haven't taken the time to load any pictures or blog any stories. I know some of you sit by your computer just waiting for new posts, and to you I apologize! :)

Our Sunday school class had their fall gathering at the Talton home where we ate, had a hay ride with Curtis, ate some more, had bobbing for apples on strings, and enjoyed some general visiting with each other that we can't do during church. It was fun for me especially, since I teach the 1st graders and never get to see my peers, let alone have conversation! This is Ruth and Amelia on the hay ride. I hope they stay good friends forever. We sort of like her family. :)
We bought the kids an art easel this fall. It's something I've been wanting to get for the kids for the past 3 years and I just never did. I finally just got it and now I wonder why I waited so long. The kids love it and have had little versions of school with each other as well as drawing contests. Ruth wrote the entire alphabet the other day. The funniest part was watching her sing to herself and dance while she tried to remember the order.
I really don't know exactly what to call it anymore. Halloween has almost become a bad word to even speak. They are fall festivals or some other variation on the holiday but whatever you want to call it... we celebrated the last day of October. Our church had their fall festival and our friends have a good trick-or-treating neighborhood close to the church. So we started off at their house and walked to the church while gathering candy. By the time we got there the kids were satisfied with their loot... to the extent that kids can ever be satisfied. We played games at church and visited with friends and then walked back to the house. It was a long walk back because it had cooled considerably and the kids were tired of walking. We drove through the neighborhood in hopes to see some of our other friends, but the lights were out. The kids enjoyed their evening and we are almost done with the candy. Shouldn't be too much longer before it's all gone!
The kids school had their 1st Annual Family Fall Festival and Chili Dinner... it's a lot of words for a little gathering. The trouble with it (other than it being the first year) was that it was the day of the Georgia/Florida football game. I think some people felt the need to watch the slaughter first hand. Anyway, here are a couple pictures from that. I was involved in the kitchen duties so the kids paired up to do games and activities. They did really well on their own! Curtis came a few hours into it and took some pictures and fed them chili and hotdogs. A good time was had by all but we were very tired after a late night of Halloween the night before.

Soccer has officially ended. The kids all had their last game on the same night and their trophy presentations at the same time. It was a good season. I think they all learned a lot and enjoyed their time playing but more importantly, made good friends of their teammates. Bennett has already voiced missing some of the players that go to the other school.

In the morning I'm taking the little girls to the pumpkin farm with playgroup. We haven't been in 2 years so hopefully it'll be fun and I can get a couple of cute pictures to share with those who will remain by their computer waiting! :)

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Rebecca said...

For the record...I do wait by the computer...refreshing your page every 10 seconds praying for an update!...seriously...I do check just to see at least every other day... :)

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