Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shooting Stars

This week we had a meteor shower. I'm not sure about all the specifics... but I saw several stars falling Thursday night on my way home from work. I was on my way to camp to pick up the oldest kids from our dinner group, since it was a school night and all. I gathered them up and then decided to share the sky with them. I drove them down to the big field and had them lay out on the grass with me and stare up at the sky. Since we were ill prepared for a night on the lawn... we were cold. The light jackets that they had were not sufficient for the 30 degree air. It was brief, but I saw two more while we were there. It was brilliantly clear and God's glory shone all around us. I pointed out several constilations and the Milky Way, which they were excited to recognize. We had great conversation on our ride home. So, Friday night I asked if we could do it again. It was to be as clear, even colder, and the peak of the shower (per the computer). After the sun went down we loaded up the kids, heavy coats, sleeping bags, hot chocolate and marshmallows. :) Gotta keep 'em happy if I wanted to watch too. We drove up to camp and picked up the eldest two Himstedts and then headed down to the field. This time we were NOT going to be cold, even if it was mid-twenties already. Curtis layed out the bags and we lined the kids up and covered them to their noses. We saw many, many stars and airplanes. No space shuttle, that we know of. We had fun conversation talking about what we were seeing and other random subjects, generally courtesy of Shannon. I was out of cover and since I'm the adult, I couldn't just pull it away from the little people. I started running around the pile-o-kids trying to warm up as well as keep them settled. All at once the 4 oldest kids all exclaimed together "awesome... I saw it". I missed it for the silly running around... but the kids saw it fly, and that's all that mattered! It was a great family time together... until the cup of hot chocolate spilled in the van. Ooops!

Tonight we had a group of college kids over at the house. They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We had leftover chocolate cake from Grandma's visit. It was a sick cake! I mentioned it and asked them to eat up... you should have seen them attack the plate. Within 60 seconds the plate was clean and the crumbs were strewn across the counter. At least I get to wash my plate and I didn't have to eat the cake! :)

Thanks Mom!

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