Saturday, April 18, 2009

Work at Strong Rock

This post isn't so much about the hard work we did... but more about the family time we had together. After our car racing times at the AWANA Grand Prix (see previous post) we grabbed some lunch and headed north to our FAVORITE CAMP IN ALL THE WORLD... and volunteered our time and muscles to helping split and stack and clean up a big 'ole pile of wood. The kids led the way to the campfire area between the lakes. I had no idea where we were supposed to go, but they new exactly... for they are WAYA! This is where they do their nightly tribal things... unknown to the questioning parent. (by the way, these piles did not exist when we started. We did the whole thing)
The kids were really good sports about the whole "work day" idea. I tried to explain to them that camp just isn't free. In fact, it's far from free. I have to work several days as a nurse to knock off a few dollars just so it's approved by the father. So, when the idea of a work day came up... I thought it would be a great idea for them to help in their own cause. Bennett worked hard and listened to instruction. The girls... well, camp is a very distracting place and sticks are dirty and there are ants and bugs! A few minutes into the splitting process our friends (and camp owners) drove up on the golf cart. So much for attention to the wood. Corie didn't know we were there. So, as they rounded the bend into the clearing and saw us... the kids were excited. It was also nap time so she was on her way home. I convinced her to take Lydia with her and leave Amelia with us. Sounded like a great deal to me. I get another stick picker-upper and she takes the whiny 3 year old in need of rest! So off the drove in to the woods. Close your eyes and imagine the image of the golf cart driving away with Avery and Lydia strapped in securely to the back seat... now imagine them smiling ear to ear and waving with all their might. Curtis even stopped working to watch them drive away and said "it just doesn't get any cuter than that!"... So, at this point I decided the camera might be a good thing to have. I took the kids on a hike back to the van, which was parked up at the lodge. Not only did it give us a back-breaking break from picking up logs, but it gave Curtis a chance to catch up to our fast and furious stacking pace! :) He split for almost 4 hours straight... and we stacked it all.
We also took a break to walk up to the Himstedt Home for Amelia's water bottle, water refills, and surprise popsicles. Both Himstedt kids were sleeping but the whiny Davidson in need of rest was playing dress up in Cinderella clothes and keeping Corie from napping as well. Hmmm... let's run back down the hill quick before she changes her mind!! They sure do have a STEEEEEEEP driveway!
Curtis was a good teacher and let all the kids "run" the log splitter and show how strong they are. Ruth was so excited she made up a song and dance "I'm the strongest of victory!".
He also took time to let Shannon help when he drove up with James... they had been helping at the shooting range with a group.
UP.... wait... you'll cut off my hand!!
We were finishing up when Corie came driving up with Lydia aboard. Time to go. It was getting close to starvation time anyway. But wait... let's go gather 100 large rocks to throw into the lake and splash. We're not too tired to play... ever!!
Then we limped home, shoveled in some dinner and climbed in bed. They got Tylenol before bed for the soreness. They ate like they hadn't eaten all week. And the slept like logs... and late on Sunday morning.
It was a fun, fun time working together. And now, Bennett should be able to tell you how to stack wood so the water runs off the top of the wood pile. Should.
P.S. as a fun ending to the day... here's a video of Ruth after her attention span had reached its limit.

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