Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Trip to Kentucky

I wanted to post some pictures.

I'm trying to think of a good reason.
Don't you think these are a couple of good reasons to make a post?

Ruth's favorite headstone at the Wallace Family Cemetary... her great-great-Grandma Ruth.
The headstone of my Grandpa and Grandma Wallace.

Great-Grandpa King Henry Wallace (who was married to Ruth).

Great-Great Grandpa King Solomon Wallace (who was married to Nancy).

All the cousins gathered together. It's been a while since we were ALL together.

Trying to get a good picture of Grandma's children.

My cousin Justin and his baby Shannon. I think Mommy, Denise was stuck in the car with a sleeping child.

Cousins Gretchen and Katrina.
Cousin Krista. Don't we have a good looking family?? :)

My brother Rob and his beautiful wife Stacy.

Grandma... as taken by Emily.
Pages from Great-Great Aunt Etta May's Bible... this is Great Grandma Ruth and King Henry Wallace. Ok, maybe they didn't call him King... but it was his given name!

Births of Ruth Emma O'Daniel as well as Etta May O'Daniel (owner of the Bible).

This was really neat for me to see. I took pictures of pages and pages of births, deaths and marriages.
So, our trip to Kentucky was quick and it wasn't for a fun time but the family time together was fun. Lots of memories. Lots of visiting. And a few pictures to prove we were there.

I can't stop. Here are just a few more of my favorite family who let me take their picture. :) I'll make them smaller.

Uncle Dan and Uncle Dan.

Tim... taking a quick rest.

Clint... yes, he's always this confused!
Katrina and Juan Carlos, or Jesse James, or Jose Cuervo, or Rico Suave! Yeah, that's it! Rico! :)

Seriously, it's Jesse.

Poppy and Tom. Tom wasn't really eating but posed for the "surprise mouthful of food" photo.Poppy was our generous host while we were in KY. The kids all fell for him and Nanna.

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