Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bennett's Big News

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me. Woooah! Deep dark depression, excessive misery. Woooah! If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all... Gloom, Despair and Agony on me! So, the words might not be exact from the old Buck and Roy's Hee Haw song, but it's how he feels. Easter Sunday night we were playing Wii Guitar Hero with our favorite Guitar Hero owner who shares with little people... the kids, me, her. It was great fun and actually entertaining... I have video and pictures I may load too! Bennett was complaining that his tooth hurt so Rebecca convinced him to let her attempt ONE time at pulling it out. It worked. Then (don't tell his friends) he cried and cried from the pain, agony, misery and blood loss. We laughed secretly while he was tending to his despair in the bathroom. He survived and we played on. Then... a week-ish later he was playing in the basement with his sisters. The pain, agony and misery was coming up the stairs. He had fallen face first into a toy and knocked the front tooth out. Now, this tooth was very loose and almost ready to be removed anyway. There was very little knockage. But the mouth full of toilet paper to catch the blood was making me laugh. He wouldn't listen that a quick rinse with water would be better than the quick dissolving paper. I made him stand still for a picture of his toothless face. He was unhappy. Afraid he might look silly. He didn't want to smile. This is his attempt at obedience.
And speaking of obedience... the Holy Spirit has been working in his sinful little heart for 8 years... but especially in the past year. He knows all the right answers... he's a sinner, he needs a savior, Jesus died to cover his sins. But he said he was too scared and wasn't ready to give his heart over to God. He complained at night about his heart hurting and he was scared he would die in his sleep. This actually started when he was 6 and we took him to see the doctor to have his physical heart checked. It was (and is) fine. His spiritual heart was where the pain was coming. On April 13th he told me again he was scared he was going to die. I told him that was no reason to be scared if he was in the right place with God. Dying is not a bad thing if it means eternity with Jesus. He told me he didn't want to go to hell. That's a real fear in an 8 year old who spends several hours each week in a Bible teaching church. He's heard the stories of God's wrath in the Old Testament too. Those who obey and follow God's commandments did well... and those who did not obey? Well, the stories are plenty of the demise of many kings and nations. Some are pretty graphic and actually fun to teach to little boys. :) Anyway, he decided THAT night was the right night to settle things for eternity. We had Daddy come in and explain a little more in depth theology and he prayed and asked Jesus to save his little heart from the penalty of sin, which is death. He sleeps much better now.
And... he was able to give a little more effort at a real smile for me.

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