Saturday, April 18, 2009

AWANA Grand Prix

I've decided NOT to blog about spring soccer until I can purchase my own zoom lens or borrow Corie's again. I need good pictures!
So, assuming I can post date this post and make it say Saturday... I'll speak present tense.

Today (Saturday) was the AWANA Grand Prix. For those who don't do or know AWANA... the Grand Prix is the equivalent to the Boy Scout's Pinewood Derby. The kids get a block of wood and 4 wheels... then they design and build their car for race day. Many fathers get as much joy out of building the cars as the kids... and some will even enter their own version in the adult race. There are many who also do the work FOR their kids. Bennett and Maggie try to do it all themselves, except for the dangerous cutting part. Curtis cut out the general shape of choice... drawn on the side of the block-o-wood and then the kids do the rest. All of it was pretty much done while I was at work so I missed out on watching, helping, or documenting with photos. Saturday morning we got up early to put the final coats of decor on to give them time to dry before our 10am arrival to the race track. Bennett ended up with a plain chrome colored car with a Lego helmet glued in for the driver. He put stickers on... that was about it. Maggie opted for a little more exciting theme and went like a soccer ball. Curtis drew the pentagons and Maggie's colored them in and added in a smiley face and tongue. It could have passed for a puppy dog car too... spotted like Freckles.

So, the kids are proud of their half-creations and off we went to church.

Mr. Shawn Alexander had to drill the holes in the bottom of the car to allow for the weight to be poured in. It was a very stressful job position. I'm glad he didn't slip and break any cars in half! :) He's also the father of the fastest cars... could be coincidence... could be talent... could be something... I'm just sayin'!
The kids enjoyed watching each heat. They also got snacks... which are always a big hit. Somehow, the only picture I have of Lydia is with a mouthful of popcorn.
Ruth watches with our friends... Carrie, Ansleigh, and Josiah (who also had a very fast car).
Here are Ruth and our friends Alex Anne and Meggie Beth.
Each car got 4 heats, one in each lane. Then the top scores raced in the finals. It's sort of like the World Series... Bennett got in as a Wild Card and ended up beating his own division leader. Therefore, earning himself a 3rd place trophy. He's 3 for 3 now... zero pressure, eh?!

At the end of the races... Maggie and Jaelen reflect on their own positions. It's very hard to have your siblings win trophies and you don't get one. I think they both were ok with it after having shed a few "it's not fair" tears. Jaelen's mom tried to convince them both that they were the better soccer players and their brothers could be the better car racers... but I think it was lost in the moment. When we got home tonight Bennett gave Maggie their soccer team picture so she can keep it in her room... since he has a new trophy for his room. Wasn't that just so thoughtful?! :)
And then there is Josh - the "expert" car designer, who uses computer programs to build his car, spends 3 weeks perfecting it, brings it in a padded box, talks smack and then has to swallow hard when his sleek model is beat out by the big, boxy pick-up of little Leah Alexander. :)
She beat ALL the adult models! Go Leah!!!

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