Monday, December 29, 2008

Whirlwind of Christmas continued...

We celebrated with the Davidson side on Christmas Eve before I went to work. Somehow I managed to get a night shift for the holiday. It really is better that way since nights are much, much, MUCH calmer and quieter than days with the doctors and managers. But I digress....
Curtis took the kids over early afternoon to eat while I caught a little nap. When I stopped in the kids ripped open their gifts and went on with playing. I went to work. They took the family photo after I had already left but Santa was my stand-in!
The girls all got matching boots! They love them and all wore them to church Sunday morning. :)

Papa got the 25 year commemorative BB Gun from the movie "The Christmas Story"... but it was just a picture. The real gun is being shipped or ordered or something that took longer than 20 minutes.

Grammy got a family photo and a candle with the kids' pictures on it. Those are always safe gifts! :)

I got home from work Christmas morning bright and early. The kids and Curtis were patiently waiting so I quickly changed into my PJs and started the madness. It really wasn't madness. They never are mad. :)

There was regular 'ole fatherly order about the gift unwrapping. I think he's creating the same in the kids, especially Bennett. They decided to start with Lydia and each open 1 gift at a time, youngest to oldest. The only thing is I didn't wrap equal number of gifts... so eventually, someone was out. But they managed to get through it all. This year Curtis had taken each child individually to buy for their 3 siblings. So they each got 3 fun gifts that were kid approved! Those are always much more fun than the parent approved gifts like clothes and slippers! That's what I was able to get. PJs, slippers, gloves... things they NEED. I guess that's the life of the mother. There were Strawberry Shortcakes, Tinkerbells, GI Joes, sleeping bags, more baby dolls, ePets, and a tea set. The last gift was from the father. It was the Wii. It also prompted Bennett to say this was the BEST Christmas ever! It's fun. I wanted it just as much as the kids. I just can't stay up until 2am playing, and I can't play during the day for all the "is it my turn now?" cries from the offspring. Eventually I'll just tell them no. I wish I had video I could load of Bennett boxing. That is the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time. Ruth actually said her head hurt after being hit in a boxing match. We had a lazy day of it since I had been up all night.

Bennett explains to Grandpa all about his Wii.

Bennett has already mastered the art of bowling and Maggie is well on her way to being an expert batter. They think they need a wii Fit as well as games that are compatible with playing cousins and friends online. Hmmmm... I think they need to go ride bikes again!

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