Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas In Griffin

After we visited the Pink Pig in ATL, we headed south and went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I can't remember the last time we went down for a weekend visit. The kids probably think we live States away instead of just counties away.

We wanted to do Christmas... the actual opening of the gifts, at their house this year since we haven't done that in a L-O-N-G time. Mom always manages to go overboard regardless how many times we tell her otherwise... or how retired and paycheckless she is. The kids love it though. Who cares if you wear yourself out as long as the kids are happy! We got there before it was too late in the day and promptly started taste testing everything in the house. She actually ASKED the kids if they wanted to open their gifts "tonight or in the morning?"... like there was any question at all. So, she had them hide in the back bedroom and put PJ's on (it just feels better with PJs on!) while she unloaded stuff into their PILES in the living room. Then they were called forth. Out they came running. Eight little feet pounding the hardwoods as fast as they could... looking for their respective piles. It brought back floods of memories of my childhood. They may not have been great big expensive gifts, but there were always many gifts, and piles for us. Anyway... the kids wanted to dig in but the male adult in the family makes them have order and turns. How fun is that? But we get to see each gift opened as well as reactions and expressions. It's more fun for the adults that way. And it's all about us anyway, right?
The kids got more than they needed but it's so fun to watch and see what they do. My favorite gift was the one to Lydia. Dad refinished the table and chairs that were Mom's 1st Christmas gift... back in 1944! I say it was for the last grandbaby... but Mom says it's because she's her name-sake... the Ann part. And Marci, if you read this, she says you spell yours with an E and you always make sure she knows! :) We'd share but you're too bit to use it now. Whew!

I love the sequence of shots that shows Lydia opening the table and chairs. Mom had wrapped them in 3 different bags and they were awkward and heavy for her so Dad had to help. That's the fun part... seeing Daddy help his grandbabies! :) When she first opened the bag she looked inside and proclaimed... "A HOUSE". It was very cute. I know the pictures are probably more than you want to see... but it's all about me anyway. And these are my memories.
And then she set herself up with all the loot! (since we came home she set this up in her room with her new tea party set and babies... we love the table!)

Saturday was a B-U-T-ful day! We played outside and actually tried to fly kites. Grandma got hers up pretty high and handed the string to Ruth... so she got the credit. Maggie ran and ran and ran with hers to keep it up. Bennett just g0t frustrated he couldn't make it stay up where he wanted. It was fun memories for all of us. Maggie and Bennett also rode bikes up and down the driveway. Somehow, Bennett's tires found the mud puddles and had the Streak 'O Mud up his back to prove it. I had to laugh because, of course, he's going to ride through the mud! He and Maggie both climbed the water oak tree. He wasn't so happy about the height, but Maggie scooted up as far as her father and grandmother would allow. I encouraged her to climb higher because I was always the one at the top of the tree! Be like me!! I wanted to take kite flying pictures and tire swinging pictures, but I didn't want to miss out on the fun long enough to go get the camera.

We stayed Sunday to go to my home church of Berachah and saw many of the "old crew" as well as Rob and Stacy and the boys. It was too brief, but it's all we got. I can't remember what prompted us to stay Sunday night, but we decided last minute to stay an extra night. I just didn't want to come home. Too many adult responsibilities lie in wait at my own house. They aren't there at Grandma's house!
Monday morning the kids made gingerbread men with Grandma. Such a delightful treat of sugar for the road! Actually, they were pretty nasty, pre-made cookies, but the kids thought enough of them and ate the whole thing! We packed sandwiches for the road and it still took us 6 hours to make the 2 hour drive. I can't blame it ALL on Curtis, but he does like to stop and shop when available.
Christmas is always a whirlwind... but the 3 days at Grandma's house (and Grandpa's!) are like time stands still. Ahhhh...
P.S. Mom and I played countless hands of cards and ignored the kids' needs as much as possible. :) They need to invest in cushions for their kitchen chairs!

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