Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Famous Atlanta Pink Pig

We took the kids to the Rich's Pink Pig... which is now the Macy's Pink Pig... which is in the parking lot at Lenox Mall in Atlanta.
Not what it used to be, but then things rarely are. They are trying to keep it going.

I never went as a kid and didn't get to go the last time the kids went. So this was my first pink exposure. We met up with several other girls from work and their kids. The girls remember a few of the other kids and enjoy the company whenever we have the opportunity to play. I think a few of the other kids get together more frequently to play.

In the big group photo (L-R) Jan (squatting), Debbie, Natalie's friend, Michael, Natalie, Ruth, Loganne, Maggie, Meredith, Abbey, Cameren, Bennett, Tara, Lydia, & Jenny.

Michael, who belongs to Jan, wasn't so happy with our first group photo shoot. He cried for his Momma! And she was happy with him strapped in the stroller... so he stayed. It was kind of funny because none of "us" mothers really were too concerned with his displeasure... but the group of mothers behind us were certainly disturbed! They later got to go in front of us because we needed more seats than were available... and then wouldn't move their car seat for our 1 last Mommy to ride. Poo!

Here's Cameren with Jan's Meredith and Lydia and me.

Bennett and Ruth got to ride together. They are always a good pair!

Maggie rode with Cameren's Loganne.

Curtis went with us as our token bodyguard, caretaker, photographer, and chauffeur. We were on our way to Griffin for my family Christmas... so he was really stuck with all the girls! :)

Hopefully, I'll have my Christmas posts done soon... as well as my Christmas letter with my Christmas family photo. Was today really Christmas?

See you guys soon!

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