Monday, December 15, 2008

The Two Peas and Five Dancing Princesses

The cousins came upon us for the weekend. It was my brother's anniversary weekend and Mom and Dad were responsible for the 3 offspring. Instead of driving back and forth to Grandma's house I suggested they come here for the weekend. It's a lot closer to Seth's and the kids LOVE to play (plus, Mom loves to do dishes and laundry!). They had less than 48 hours and they made the most of every second. Bennett and Micah (the two peas) traipsed around outside despite the 40 degree temps. Esther even spent a large number of minutes out there as well. Uncle Curtis built a fire in the pit for entertainment, and a sneaky way to get more sticks picked up by the kids.

The girls spent most of their time in princess garb dancing around from room to room. I videoed a little and then set up the camera in front of the TV so they could see themselves live, while they danced. Then Mom and I sat at the kitchen table and played cards while we secretly watched as they twirled in circles, all the while making sure they were still within the video frame. We didn't get very far in our game during that time.

Speaking of card games... we were able to play a few good hands. I can't remember the final score... but the numbers were pretty favorable to the daughter! :)

Maggie is learning how to blow a bubble. It's quite amusing when she can't keep her eyes open... due to the flash or the fear of a bubble in her face. :)

Anna Grace has been practicing for a while I think. She showed Maggie how to do it as well as kept her eyes open for the photo shoot! :)

Esther and Ruth not only model fine swimwear, but also show that girls can build some pretty fancy yards for the horses and cowboys. Grandma and Esther show "good" behavior at the dinner table. I think the weekend had finally gotten the best of Grandma. And she had done so well for the first 40 hours. The weekend got the best of Grandpa many hours earlier! I lightened this shot so you could visualize Pop sleeping... and the brilliant white socks Lydia's father has behind her head.

Ok... Tuesday night about 10pm Bennett walks out of his room with that "the light's too bright" look and he says his belly hurts. So, Curtis and I both ask the usual "are you going to throw up" questions. I do NOT do vomit so I need to make sure when to run. And since Curtis is then left with the vomit, he wants to make sure the kid gets to the proper spot. Anyway... B said it wasn't that. "Do you need to go potty?" is the next question from both of us. We always think the worst when a kid gets out of bed at 10pm saying his belly hurts. Nope, he said it felt like he was hungry... and an ever so slight grin emerged from behind his "light's too bright" look. Curtis warmed up a bite of chicken and bread, which he swallowed in just a couple minutes and headed back to his bed. As he passed by he informed me that he felt completely better! :)

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Rose Family Editor said...

Loved all the stories! Thanks for the video too :) I'm glad you take the time to blog because it makes the 900 miles ... well, not really. It's still TOO far.

Loved Bennett's story about being hungry at 10pm! :)

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