Thursday, September 04, 2008

Soccer Games Begin

This is the night that the kids have been looking forward to more than any other night. What will my shirt look like? What's my number? Will it fit? Can I wear it every day for the rest of my life?
Ok... so maybe not that last one so much.
We got our uniforms tonight. Ruth has been very excited about getting her soccer shirt. She's #1!! :)
She's actually spending the night with Amelia tonight. They scheme together all the time and constantly ask to have sleep overs. Corie and I generally say no, but tonight there was no real reason not to do it. The girls love to play together and I know, one day they'll grow up and no longer want to just dress up like princesses and dance around the room.

Maggie and Bennett have a pretty good coach and team this year. I hope they perform well together. Ruth's team is just fun to watch. Tonight Riley was chasing the ball and suddenly stopped in the middle of the field... very abruptly. His mom started laughing so I payed attention. The boy was so intent on stomping on the grasshopper that he forgot all about the soccer ball and stomped that sucker repeatedly until his dad finally brought him back to the world of soccer. It was more amusing than anything else that happened tonight. This team will be an adventure over the next 8 weeks. :)
Will post more as the season progresses.

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