Saturday, August 30, 2008

Horse Day at JP Nix

Maggie's class, along with several other 1st grade classes, got to interact with a couple horses brought to the school by Strong Rock Camp. We knew ahead of time so I planned to visit the school and take pictures. My excuse is "for the yearbook" but really, it's for me too. I enjoy seeing the kids at school with their friends, in their own environment that I didn't make for them. I like to know their teachers... and for the teachers to know me.

Anyway, we met up with the horses before the classes arrived. Ruth and Lydia got to brush Maverick for a little while before Ruth started sneezing. We gathered around the horses with the kids and I took pictures while Corie explained all they ever wanted to know about the animals. Elizabeth was "hanging out" with Corie, but they were in some pretty intense sunshine, so I took the small child and hung onto her while still snapping photos. I got a couple cute ones of some school children. Ruth became more miserable as time progressed and I snapped a few pitiful ones of her. I think we'll stay away from horses for a while.
We stayed for lunch with Maggie and then with Bennett. By the time we were done eating Ruth was no longer all red faced and much of the swelling had gone down. It was a fun day despite Ruth's temporary sadness. She had some Benedryl at home and was fine within a couple hours. No need to worry, Grandma!

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