Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anyone know a good lawyer??

My mother, the lovely woman that she is, has threatened me. Again! More than once! Right now, a current frightening threat, is that she'll leave things from her "estate" to me (& my siblings). YIKES!

She also said I was going to have to be on some decision making medical team to verify her (and Dad's??) soundness of mind. Now that's something to get excited about. I did threaten to knock off the other doctor on the panel so
my brother Seth could get in as the alternate. Then we can scheme together to prove their un-sound-ness and do fun and unusual things... like they did to us when we were kids. Payback, yes?!?! I'm having her put away in a home somewhere when she can't defend herself...

Right now she's still pretty scary! Don't you think I have enough evidence to prove something!?!?! Anything?!
Mwwaa Haaa Haa!

Seriously, the biggest threat from Mom is that she's compiling all my stories to publish and make tons of money. I'm certain there would be many, many people to pay $25 for such quality reading... but she just can't have my stories.

Then she tells me that my overly hormonal 6 year old is JUST like me????

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Lisa said...

this post is just wrong! :)

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