Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More Soccer Stuff... the STRYKERS strike first!

Maggie gets the 1st goal of the season!! She scored shortly into our first game tonight against what looks to be our favorite team. :) Our coach, Ben, is really focused on getting all 7 of the kids on the field for equal playing time. Maggie was a starter tonight. Her first game ever! She got right in there and seemed very comfortable and agressive... in an appropriate kind of way. Where Bennett used to shy away from the ball and dance around the field... she did not! Where Bennett fell and delayed his uprisal because of a possible grass cut... she did not! She even lost the bandage from her bloody knee wound from earlier today... and she managed to continue running without regard to her potentially deadly knee wound! She was amazing. Maggie rocks! :) Hee hee!
Bennett did well too. He was a little more focused and was in the midst of the pile-O-kids when he was on the field. We played the Arsenal tonight. They are the blue team. We won the lightening shortened game 4-2. We play them 2 more times too. It should be fun! Bennett has two good friends on this team (Ethan and Nikky) and Maggie has one too (Tristan). I enjoyed bantering with the parents on the sidelines. I went to high school with Ethan's daddy and Ethan was in Bennett's class last year as well as this year's. Tristan was in Maggie's kindergarten class as well as her 1st grade class. His mom is around the school a bunch so I know her from there. Tristan and Maggie had to hug and high five a little... and giggle at each other too. When we were leaving the field Maggie got scared she had lost us even though she was walking with Tristan and her Papa. Tristan made sure she was ok and then made fun of her for thinking she was lost even though she was with him and her Papa. "Did you forget he was your Papa?" hahahahaha. They laughed all the way back to the cars.
I'm looking forward to the way the season progresses. Ruth's first game is Thursday. I'm sure it will be much more entertaining and with much less direction!
Tonight they practiced throwing in the ball. From the pictures, it looks like the girls had better form! :)

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