Monday, September 29, 2008

Women of Faith 2008

I got to spend this past weekend in Atlanta with 16,000 of my closest girlfriends. Well, ok... maybe not my CLOSEST. In fact, I didn't even know most of the names. This is the first year I saw absolutely not one single person I knew outside of our group from CBC. This is Betty and Vanessa. It was Betty's first time. I think she enjoyed herself... even after eating dinner with me. :) I spent most of the time with Heather, Anne and sometimes Carla. It's always more fun than you expect and never long enough. However, when you get home on Saturday night the kids always snuggle closer and smell better... if you're into smelling. If you've never been to WOF (and you're a woman) you need to go at least once. To be able to worship with 16,000 women in Philips Arena is an experience you just can't explain. They have good speakers (Luci Swindoll, Patsy Clermont, Sheila Walsh, Marily Meburg, Sandi Patti) and guests (Max Lucado). Drama by Nicole Johnson, performed by Allison Allen. Music by Nicole C. Mullen... which is incredible. She brings a crew of kids that sing and dance with her. Really... I can't explain why it's so good or fun, but it is. We laughed to the point of tears thanks to Luci. We cried too for inspiring stories and testimonies. If you have the opportunity to adopt a World Vision child I highly recommend it. For about $1 a day you can give a child a future he otherwise may not have. We also met a kid named Austin, who at age 9 started Hoops for Hope. He's now 14 and shared his testimony with us. He also is touring with the Revolve Tour... which is geared to teen girls. Here's a picture of Connie... one of our fearless leaders and organizer of the chaos. We got to ride together on a big tour bus this year. We normally split up and drive in vans... but this year we got a bus. It was TERRIFIC not to have to drive or park in ATL. We are thankful for Rick! Here are a couple videos from Nicole C's performance. It's extrememly poor quality but fun to help me remember the show.

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