Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to the Optomitrist

Ruth is getting glasses. Today she's excited about being like Emily and Titus. She forgets that cousins Adam and Jared also wear glasses... as long as she's as cool as Emily! I hope that once they come in and she has to wear all the time she will be just as ok with the whole thing.
She's very cute right now. Of course, she was already very cute... but the lenses make her ever more so.
The doctor says that he's giving her 60-70% of what her eyes need, but because it's such a big change he didn't want to do it all at once. She needs to still be able to walk, I guess. :) I guess her official diagnosis is myopia (?) and stigmatism... enough that her whole life is blurry. Lovely, eh?! The doc said myopia, which is near-sightedness, but he also said far-sightedness and that she needs a plus lens. If anyone out there knows which one needs a plus lens that would help. :) Otherwise, I'll have to ask him agian which one he really meant. Maybe I just remember wrongly... but I doubt it. ha! I also have some sight issues. Enough to need glasses when inside working, reading, watching TV, computer, etc. Everyone else seems to be normal for the most part.
Bennett is truly color deficient. This is something I already knew, but the doc confirmed it with is little circle colored numbers. Now we can tell his teachers with certainty. He told Bennett he shouldn't be an electrician. I'm thinking bomb squad is also out. ;) My Dad is also color deficient and seems to lead a normal life so we have great hope. My only sadness is that his most favorite thing is art and he doesn't see the brilliant colors that are available. Sigh!These are some photos I found online to help illustrate what he may see. I remember as a child taking a trip to Canada to visit a family and Dad had a hard time driving because their traffic lights were turned sideways. He had to learn which direction they were turned and then drove by light location instead of color.
This helps explain why. He also said the other week while he was visiting our house that "Bennett's more colorblind than me". :) What a loving old Grandpa. Bennett's fine with it. We've never made a big deal over the whole thing.


Belle-ah said...

She is adorable with her new glasses! You may or may not have read on my blog about our recent trip to the optometrist with DS2....I was so shocked! Either way he is cute with his glasses and in the 1st 3 weeks we have only had to go back to the Dr. to have them "unbent" 1 time!!! LOL

Mama D! said...

Yes, I did see DS2 in his specs and that was one of my motivators to check all 4 of mine. We got her a "cheap" back-up pair for our unbending trips. :)
Speaking of... DS2's been missing in SS too. Is something up? He'll be with me as of 8/10. It's the big promotion Sunday.

Cindy Lew Who said...

Well my coke bottles are negatives (-5.75 in the left and -5.0 in the other FYI), so I think plus lenses are far-sighted. Perhaps she needs both? :)

P. S. All the really cool kids wear glasses. :P

Sherry Mom of 2, Wife of 1 said...

How Cute!!! She look's adorable in her glasses. You've encouraged me to get Abbey's checked. She's complained a few times off and on about being fuzzy when she looked at something to long, so I guess we'll start at the 5 year check-up and move on from there. Thanks for the encouragement!

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