Monday, July 14, 2008

Playing Catch...

As much as I would love to actually be playing catch with the kids and a ball... it's really playing catch up with the blog and the dirty dishes!
I wanted to post some more pictures since I just never have enough pictures of my family.
Mom FINALLY retired the end of June and we had a big shin-dig earlier in the month for her big moment. The girls in her office really put on a show. Curtis took tons of pictures for her since he didn't have old friends to catch up with and the rest of us were able to visit and watch Mom in all her glory.
I got to see my best friend from high school and it was just like old times... only much more interrupted and brief. I remember her husband's football number was 64. She laughed and wondered how I remembered that. How could I NOT remember it after seeing it written on everything she came into contact with in school! I also wanted to go to UGA with them and play in the band and go to football games. Sigh... to be young again! :) Zack is getting too big and too cool for photos these days. I remember his father making sure he was always posed just right before any shot could be taken. No smiles... just that "too cool for words" expression that we all laugh at these days.
My silly sister. We were just discussing how much my Maggie is like my sister. I may have to ship her off to PA one day just so she can get adequate training in blond-headedness! ha! Maggie is a dangerous combination of blondness and left-handedness. Zowee!

After her party we all went back to their house and ate like pigs. Lara had flown in from PA for the gathering so it was fun to get to see her, even if it was only a couple hours. The cousins always enjoy playing together and being at Grandpa's house only makes things better.
Here are some pictures from camp. Bennett and Maggie were off at camp and missed Grandma's retirement party. I did not tell them that and I think they are able to still exist without too much harm done. This was Maggie's first year but she was totally ready and had a great time. She was also appointed to the red Waya tribe, the same as Bennett. I think that's a good thing. By the time they don't want to be on the same team we'll be too poor to send them anyway.

They both had a good time but never come home with names of new friends. I think they have too much fun to exchange addresses... or we live in a new time. But I remember bringing home the name and address of every girl in my cabin and every boy I dared to ask with the hopes and expectations of carrying on these lifelong friendships that never lasted more than a month. Bennett even was looking back at last year's cabin photo and said "I think this boy was in my cabin again this year" but he can't remember his name and doesn't know for sure. I guess they keep them busy enough or my kids are that introverted. :) ?? This is Maggie with Caroline, another little 6 year old.
This is Ruth with Buzz. He's one of the "in charge" type people. I believe he and Chief Cash were officially called Program Directors, but I'm not positive. Buzz has been a counselor in the past. He's a pretty cool guy and got by one of our pastors to date his daughter (whose camp name is Bee - get it, Buzz and Bee!). I guess we approve. Ruth sure does!
Here a small group of the counselors. Mia, Flash, T-bone, Forrest, etc. The goofy one right in the middle with no red or blue would be Cash. She's been hanging around for a while prior to camp and is engaged to Red, another counselor. Someone said if you put Red and Cash together you get a rash! :) Oh, the humor of camp! If anyone wants to visit let me know. I'll give you a guided tour.

Here are a couple more shots from this summer.
We have had some fun times with cousins. Bennett and Micah always enjoy their time together and they NEVER get enough. He just needs to move in with us for a month and then Bennett can go to his house for a month. Then maybe they would be satisfied, as well as tired of their respective Aunt and Uncle. :) Ha!

I believe this was right after a hot, sweaty 4-wheeled excursion through the woods. They came in for refreshments and to watch the camp DVD. Bennett is trying to excite Micah in hopes for a partner for next year's camp week.


This was one of my favorite shots of Maggie. We had a family photo shoot by a professional and if I ever get up the nerve to pay out the cash for their pictures I'll have more fun hat pictures of all the kids.
Somehow Lydia escaped all these photo downloads. I'll have to put more birthday shots on her post later. Got to go bake muffins!

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