Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Singing in the Rain...

... more like squealing and screaming in the rain. When I got home from work tonight the bottom let out and I got quite wet just running into the house. The kids also thought it might be fun to get wet and since I didn't object they grabbed cups to go collect water to drink. I told them no jackets allowed! :) Bennett decided he would rather ride his 4-wheeler though the ever growing puddles of mud and water. By the time he actually emerged with his shoes and helmet the rain had become an almost pleasant drizzle. The girls were quite drenched and proceeded to splash in the pool, which has been filled with rain water over the last 4 days of heavy storms. When they got no fatherly objection to this move, it became more splashing and jumping and sliding. I had them strip down and wrap up in towels and head to the shower, but they didn't get very far and came back to continue to swim... naked in the rain filled pool. They giggled and danced and sang "the girls in the pool go up and down, up and down..." Entertaining if nothing else. Bennett in the meantime had splashed all the water out of the biggest puddle, received several "slow down" whistles from his father, and acquired just enough mud to make him feel like a real boy! Some video footage is attached below. Since this storm had no lightening attached... we thoroughly enjoyed God's gift tonight. Good night!

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