Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling retrospective...

It's Monday morning at 2am. I haven't posted in a couple weeks and still haven't put up the post-camp photos and stories. I've been busy doing other things. My sister's family came back from Tennessee and stayed a couple days. We had our family photos taken (but still can't decide what to buy). I finished the Peachtree Road Race again this year. I turned 36 and am "older than daddy" according to Maggie... which is actually true. My parents came and spent a couple days with us and spoiled the children. Curtis and I had a nice dinner out and 20 hours away from home, alone.

This particular picture of Bennett was while we were patiently waiting for Daddy to finish up in Ingles. He was popping that orange springy toy out of the spring holder and I was trying to catch it in air. It only took a few tries before we timed it just right. He thought that was just too awesome.
Lots can happen around here in just a couple of weeks. For some reason the only time I have to find pictures and stories to post always comes way after everyone else is snoring in their proper spots.
Tonight Ruthie is staying with her best friend Amelia. Bennett is sleeping on the couch for unknown reasons. I don't have to work in 4 hours! I still love to read The Pioneer Woman every day in the hopes of one day taking and editing decent pictures. I want a new lens! :) But then I got a dinner and night out instead. Hmmmm, the sushi was delish... but in the long run, the lens would have been better. .

We stayed out 'til midnight tonight playing cards with our friends. Bennett kept all the kids entertained with "pretend VBS activities" so we could finish our hand of Phase 10. I lost again. It's just not right. He also took pictures for us. He likes to keep his finger over the flash to give the shots that circe 1970 dark look to all the shots. He likes to set the kids up for particular poses... most of which are not publish-able (if that's even a word).

I also took 2 girls for check-ups this week. My friend had the room decorated for my birthday... because she's crazy silly. They even had a group happy birthday song that they made up and sang for me when we walked in the room. Crazy people we hang with. :) Both girls checked up normally. They are too similar even with 3 1/2 years between them.

Our friend Ms. Kristi poses with all the kids after the work was done...
This is all I can get accomplished before the hand hits 3am... and that's just too late to stay up! :)


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jenny,
This is Al Chang, Shelley Seabolt's attorney, and she did not sign a written consent for her picture to be posted in front of God's nation. Therefore, you have 24 hours to either obtain written consent from the photographed individual or remove from the world wide web. Please understand that I will not hesitate to pursue further action.
Al Chang for Shelley Seabolt

Mama D! said...

Mr. Chang,
When taking Mrs. Seabolt's picture there was undeniable agreement to do with said photo as I saw fit. Her face was never identified until you posted your oh-so-anonymous comment in this regards. If Mrs. Seabolt would be working instead of reading blogs during the day she wouldn't have to worry with what was on the world wide web. You tell Mrs. Seabolt that I said "bring it on" to the whole pursue further action threat... Yo!
Jenny D!

Anonymous said...

Mama D,

I thought we were your Phase 10 friends. ;( I'm sad that we haven't played in a while. By the way, we have a new deck of cards since we couldn't find them the last time.


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